How To Downgrade BBM From Version 8 To Version 7


A latest version termed as the BBM version 8 was introduced some couple of weeks back which introduced some features like improved UI interface, BBM 8 channels and other touches.

Most users after upgrading to the latest version, seem to complain of some issues like frequent hanging, slowness in device operation and some others.

If you happen to experience any of this issues and you are wondering how you could downgrade from BBM version 8 to BBM version 7, you are welcome onboard. Let’s ride together.

Procedures On How To Downgrade BBM 8 To Version 7

downgrade bbm 8.0 to 7

The steps are a bit skeptical but if followed promptly, you shouldn’t be having any difficulties.

Please Note: Before commencing with the procedures below, I strongly advice that you make a backUp of your current contacts so that you can easily restore if the need arises.

1. Delete the new BBM 8.0 by navigating to Options » Device » Application Manager, list of your current installed apps should load up.

2. Locate BlackBerry Messenger from the list, Delete BBM and reboot your device.

3. When done re booting, Open your default BlackBerry Browser and use the links below depending on your OS type.

In other to download the app, you will need to visit this page using your Blackberry browser and click on any of the OTA link(s) below depending on your device OS:

· OS6 devices
· OS7 devices
· OS7.1 devices

Once you are done with the download and installation, your bbm should return back to it normal interface without hanging anymore or auto-closing itself.

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  2. dennis says

    i have try your step by step info but i get the “error the request url couldnt be retrieved” any suggestions ?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Which of the links actually displayed that error buddy?

  3. Ebube says

    It woked, thanks a lot.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Am glad it helped pal. Enjoy 🙂

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