[How To] Install BBM On Unsupported android Tablet (Tecno N9)


Earlier yesterday, I purchased an android tablet device. Tecno N9 to be precised. Initially, I used to use a blackberry tablet device which is the blackberry playbook but ever since I lost it, I haven’t been using any so I decided to get another yesterday.

Initially when I brought the android tablet device home, am pretty sure peeps around me thought it was a china product. Well, I actually do not blame them because virtually every one believes that the tecno mobile brand is a china brand. But that isn’t true. Tecno has transformed from producing china phones to producing smartphones running on android OS.

The Tecno N9 device is the phantom pad tablet device running on android OS, android 4.2 to be presized which is also known as Android JellyBean.

I haven’t really done much works on the device so I really cannot put up a review anytime soon. I will need like a week or two time frame to come up with a comprehensive review.

Without wasting much time, let me kick start to the main subject matter which talks about BBM and Android Tablet devices in general.

Install BBM On Unsupported android Tablet

install bbm on unsupported android tablets

Please Note: The steps I am gonna be giving below should work on all android tablet devices running android 4.0 and above OS. I only used Tecno N9 as a case study because its the only device I have been able to fully try it out on.

Yes, you are very much aware that BBM only supports android 4.0+ devices. In as much as most android tablets meets up the required OS to use BBM, tablet devices are not officially supported but thank God, we can still use BBM on tablets.

How? Just follow the below steps.

Don’t bother using the Google Play Store to download BBM because you will be told that your device isn’t supported. Instead, download BBM from another site, install and open on your tablet and you are good to go.

Wondering where to download BBM for tablets from? Initially, its always announced that the official website to download BBM is www.bbm.com. While this is true, accessing that page with the intention of downloading BBM will only redirect you to google play store.

I personally downloaded BBM from the web and i have uploaded it here on techyan blog for easy access. Click Here to download BBM. Its a 12.63MB file or thereabout and should work on virtually every android device running android 4.0 and above. Download, install and Open.

Follow the onscreen instructions and you’d be enjoying BBM on your android tablet device.

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  1. Jonathan says

    I also tried it out on other tablets (they are china-made tabets) and made a post on my blog http://www.ictwonderworld.blogspot.com/2013/12/bbm-stuff.html

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