Konga.com Introduces Gift Vouchers As Christmas Approaches


Its Christmas season again and its that time of the year when most organization works on different strategies to increase their sales and marketing gimmicks. Nigeria’s Konga.com has been no exception as they have introduced gift vouchers as the perfect gift pack this festive season, with the mindset to making it easy for friends to pass them on than cash or physical gifts.

The Konga Gift Card is aimed at giving shoppers the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to satisfy everyone this Christmas as it makes it possible for anyone to have the right gift/incentive for each person whether they want a phone, a TV, air-condition, groceries etc.

According to the fact rising retail mall, “We are counting down to Christmas already, and one of the things we all love about Christmas are the gifts we hope to receive from loved ones, family, colleagues, employers, partners”. “It is also a season for us to give gifts to all these people, and more often than not we ask ourselves the question; “What is the perfect gift this Christmas”.konga.com gift card vouchers

How To Get The Konga.com Gift Card Vouchers?

According to the shopping mall, e-Gift Voucher can ONLY be redeemed on Konga.com. Minimum voucher amount is N1,000. To purchase for multiple recipients at once, or purchase more than 10 units of e-gift vouchers at once, you are advised to please use their Bulk Sales service, by contacting vouchers@konga.comFor Corporate Purchases, please also contact vouchers@konga.com and and you should get a respond immediately.

You can purchase Konga Gift Vouchers via their website here.

Just so you know, Konga delivers nationwide and with the Konga.com Gift Card you can demonstrate appreciation and strengthen relationships with friends and loved ones and even businesses by simply offering gift card vouchers.

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