Handles Around 100 Requests Daily

0 which happens to be One of Nigeria’s leading online real estate company, has revealed that it handles about 100 calls daily from individuals who are looking for properties that are available for rent in Lagos state.

The Co-founder and chief operating officer of the company, Dapo EludireIn, in an exclusive interview, said the company has evolved from just a marketing firm that informs visitors to the website about available houses to one that is actively involved in the logistics aspect of real estate.

He added saying that the company does not stop at just showing clients pictures online, they take their clients around and help them to close the deal on their preferred properties(More like an Agent).

“We are an online platform that is also involved in the logistics aspects of real estate, take them around and help them to close the deal on a property,” he said. real estate services

He furthermore added that the decision to launch the platform arose after understanding the challenges individuals face when looking for properties in Lagos. He said many get cheated and are made to pay exorbitant prices because they don’t know much about the property terrain in Lagos.

“We found out that looking to rent a property in Lagos is very tough. Lot of people don’t have enough knowledge about real estate. A lot of people are being cheated and they pay more than what they ought to actually pay,” he said.

“We started as a marketing platform but we realized that the problem that doesn’t end with just searching for houses. After searching, they will still go through the stress of landlords and agent. We decided to come in, helping people in all forms of negotiations on a property because we know that many people don’t have the ability to carry out negotiations on their own.

“We help with area specialists who know the different properties that are available for let in the various areas.”

My only ish with website is that its services are limited to only Residents in Lagos State, i just hope they have plans for expanding to other cities and regions in the nearest future.

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