MaxCDN – Reasons Why You Might Wanna Use It For Your WordPress blog


In other to improve your website speed, you probably might have heard its necessary to use a cdn. Even through this isn’t totally correct, it still have some sense of truth in it.

For newbies who do not know what CDNs are, I’d like to give a quick head start.

CDN in full means Content Delivery Network. Just as the name implies, CDN helps render your blog or website faster to other locations which are not close to the country your blog is hosted via the use of CDN servers.

Take for example, if your blog or website is hosted in USA and you do get your traffic basically from Canada, using a CDN might not be a necessity but if you do get visitors from all alround the world, using CDN network can be of help to you in rendering your blog or website faster to visitors from different location via the use of servers closest to them and that’s where maxcdn comes to play.


maxcdn content delivery network

I have been using maxcdn on this blog for over a month now or there about, hence I would say I am fit to give a review regarding this CDN service.

Reasons Why You Should Use MaxCDN On Your Blog

1. Faster Loading: Just as I have said earlier, using maxcdn isn’t a necessity if you do not get lots of visitors from different part of the world. If you run a blog or website with much traffic then using a CDN service like MaxCDN might help your site loading speed.

2. Help Improve Server Reliability: Believe it or not, I think MaxCDN helps in this regards. You might ask how? Well, usually when visitors try accessing your images or static files, it will be loaded directly from your server thus putting more weight on the server but when using a CDN like MaxCDN, image files, css and static files are loaded from the Maxcdn servers.

3. Professionalism: Okay, I have gotten to the angle of confession. Despite all the reasons given above, I believe using Maxcdn gives some level of professionalism. It makes more sense using something like for image files and css rather then Virtually every big site I know of uses a CDN network hence I believe it gives some level of professionalism.

Questions And Answers

Can I Use MaxCDN servers as cloud hosting for my blog or website?

No buddy, using MaxCDN doesn’t help to keep your site online all the time. Your website uptime is a total dependent on your hosting server not maxcdn server.

How Fast Can MaxCDN Be Configured?

Trust me pal, its very easy. It all depends on how equipped you are with understanding how things works when it comes to creating Cnames and caching plugins.

How Reliable Is MaxCDN Customer Service?

I have only had to use them once and I must confess that they are pretty prompt when it comes to answering questions about the service and proffering solutions.

In subsequent posts, i’d be writing on how to configure maxcdn to work with super cache and w3 total cache plugins for WordPress blogs.

Final Verdict: If you ran a small blog or website, using a cdn might not be a necessity but if you ran a medium or large blog or website that gets loads of traffic, using a cdn service like MaxCDN is something I would sure advice.

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