Wapdam : Download Music, Videos, Films, Themes, Wallpapers and More

Looking out for sites where you can download music, videos, films, mobile themes, wallpapers, amazing games and more for your mobile device? Wapdam is obviously here to the rescue.

You are probably aware of wapdam.com site but it wouldn’t be nice to speak same for everyone else. Some people still do not know of this site despite that its been on the internet for ages now.


On this amazing wapsite, you can download lots of free stuffs for any kind of phone.

wapdam site for mobile and web downloads

There are loads of free items, goodies and contents to download like mp3s, videos, films, themes etc and the amazing part of this is that the contents on wapdam are automatically set or programmed to work on your phone. You might be wondering what that means right? Well, it means that you may visit wapdam with a nokia phone and find the videos category and at the same time you may visit the same site with a different brand and model of phone like a blackberry phone and not find the videos section displayed, this is simply because the section doesn’t have support for your kind of phone. So whenever you visit wapdam and cannot find a particular session or category, it simply means that section or category doesn’t have support for your type of phone.

Please NOTE:
Sometimes you may find categories for your phone displayed but might not work on your phone, hey! Dont panic because this rarely happens.

Sections On WAPDAM.com:

On wapdam, there are lots of categories or sections to mention a few are

  • Wallpapers
  • Themes
  • Music
  • Mobile Films etc.

Under the music category, there are other sub-categories like HIP-HOP, RnB, COUNTRY Music, etc.
Under the Videos Category, there are other sub-categories like Nigerian Music Videos, Foreign Music Videos and more.

Moreso, On Wapdam, there’s a search section on the homepage, which allows you search for whatever content available on the WAPDAM site. Am sure now you would agree with me that there are loads of features to explore there. Right?

How Do I Get Started

To get started with the wapdam services, just visit wapdam using your mobile phone or device and enjoy a whole new world of free downloads.

There you have it buddy. Please feel free to share with your friends on social networks you belong to by using the share buttons below. In subsequent posts, i will be talking more on other downloading sites like wapdam and these include wapday, sefan.ru and more.

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