Why 2go Account Can Be Hacked And How To Prevent It

Too many times, i have often hear people complain of how their 2go account was hacked. The funny thing is, some of these people also go ahead to posting their account log in details online. Come on friend, your 2go account is meant to be private and not something you should share with anyone. How else can someone possibly get access to your account if your password is hard to guess and you don’t share your account?

Well, I’d like to share some tips on how or why your 2go account can be hacked and how you can possibly prevent this from happening. After all, prevention is better than cure.

2go Account Hacked – Possible Reasons And How To Prevent It

2go account hacked

At some point, you probably might hae asked ‘Can 2go accounts be hacked‘? The simple answer to that question is Yes and No!

Yes if you allow it to be hacked and No if you do not allow it to be hacked.
Believe it or not, most accounts that are hacked on the internet are accounts which were not well secured. Anything online can be hacked but it also depends on how venerable that thing is and I guess that answers the possible reasons to why a 2go account can be hacked.

Like the saying goes, ‘Prevention is better than cure‘ hence I’d like to give a few tips to keeping your account safe from hackers or been hijacked.

1. Keep It Private: On no account should you disclose your 2go details to anyone. Its meant to be private and its only advisable to keep it so.

2. Don’t Share It Online: Sharing your 2go account username online is very much different from sharing your password. Your password is the main key to your account and shouldn’t for any reason be shared online. I recall talking about 2goeditor site which promises changing 2go phone number but the aim of the site is to steal users account details.

3. Only Use Your Personal Mobile Device: Most people are fond of logging into their account on virtually any mobile device they can get their hands on and have got the app installed. You are probably aware that the fact that you closed the 2go app does not mean you have logged out. Logging into your account on different devices makes your account more venerable, I’d strongly advice sticking to your own device when trying to access your account.

There you have it buddy. Am pretty sure if you follow these tips squarely, you wouldn’t have any issues with your 2go account in terms of it been hacked or something related.

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