How To Disable Facebook Last Seen TimeStamp Feature On Messages


Some time around 2012, Facebook introduced a new feature known as the ‘Last seen‘ or ‘seen‘ message feature. This feature allows users on PC and some other high end smartphones like android to know the last time you were actually online on chat or whether or not your message has been read and this will be stated right in the chat message window.

I really haven’t been able to fully ascertain when or not the feature is supposed to display or not display. Recently i was having a chat with someone and even through the user was online, the seen message showed below the last message i had sent.

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On another chat, the seen message appeared just when the user had gone offline and i was pretty sure the recipient had not read the message. Oh well. That isn’t the main purpose of this post. I quite understand some people are not cool with this feature and I’d like to share some tips on how to disable the Facebook Last seen TimeStamp feature displayed on a conversation screen.

Disabling Facebook  Last Seen TimeStamp Feature On Chat Messages

Disabling the last seen timestamp from displaying on the chat message windows of the people you chat with can easily be done using some apps or add-ons.

disable facebook last seen timestamp feature

1. For All users, you can use The Chat cheater. This app actually doesn’t work with some browsers as most people complained it did not work with safari and some said it worked with their Mozilla Firefox. No harm in trying hence you too can give it a shot.

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2. You can choose to use Facebook App, in accomplishing this. If you choose to go by this step then you can visit Unseenly App. Upon visiting that page, you will be asked to log in. Do not be scared,  click the log in text and your account should be automatically automated if you were already sign into your facebook account. Just choose to grant access and you are good to go.

Questions And Answers

 Is it safe to Use the Facebook App?

Based on my experience with it, it is safe. But if at any point in time, you do not feel comfortable with using the app, you can simply stop the app authorization to your account.

Will it Affect My Facebook Account or Leading To My Account Been Banned?

No buddy! Using any of those apps wouldn’t affect your fb account neither will it lead to your account been banned. Just make sure to play safe around the social network.

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