Facebook Celebrates 10th Year Anniversary Today With A Lookback To Your History


Today been the 14th day of February 2014, popularly known as Valentine’s day, Facebook celebrates 10th  year anniversary with a lookback to your history on the social network.

I actually came across this during the evening periods when Facebook via my notification page, reminded me of their 10th year anniversary and in celebrating it, they made a look-back of my history on the social network via a movie presentation and guess what…….. I have been on the social network since 2009 and i never remembered. I thought it was actually 2010 (Oh well, guess 2010 was when i became active on the social network).

facebook 10th year anniversary celebration

Did you also get to see this? Well, if you didn’t, there’s a way you can actually watch your lookback of your history on the social network.


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==> Log into your Facebook account

==> On your browser address bar, simply input www.facebook.com/lookback

And you should be able to watch a look back highlight of your times on the social network courtesy of Mark and the FB team.

Where you able to watch an highlight of your time on the social network? When was the time you actually joined Facebook?

  1. Jonathan says

    10 years ago should be 2004 and not 2009. Or what planet are you. It is 2014 here on earth.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Lolz, Read through the post again pal. I said, i actually joined the social network in 2009. The social network was created 2004.

      1. Jonathan says

        I used the lookback and I found my current account has been in use for three years.
        I have created many accounts which I do not remember the password. If you search for Ismaila Akeem or Ismaila Jonathan on facebook, you see results with no profile pix.

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