How To Fix -24 Error While Installing Apps On Android Devices


If you have been using your android smartphone device or tablet device for a while now, they you probably wold have come across the -24 error while installing or updating an app on your device. Yeah, getting this kinda errors are quite rare but it sure happens. This error is quite common with apps like Whatsapp which is usually caused by a bug in mostly Android 4.4 kitkat OS version when Whatsapp is installed in Android RunTime (ART).

What Causes The -24 Error?

This error is usually caused from an incomplete un-installation of an app which would thus lead to apk corruption or when an app folder from a failed install in your /data/data/ directory prevents you from installing the app again.

Lets take for example, when you uninstalled an app, a data folder was left behind in your device and when you tried to re-install same app again, the folder that was left behind will prevent you from installing the app which will then lead to an error -24. The -24 error could also be as a result of flashing your device ROM without initially wiping data.

Therefore, when you try to re-install such app again on your android device, it sees that data folder but don’t know what to do with it and then displays an error -24.

How To Fix -24 Error While Installing Apps On Android

how to fix -24 error while installing apps on android

In other for you to be to fix this problem, you need to have some certain requirements in place. I’d advice getting this requirements before proceeding with the tutorial.


Your Android device

Root access On Your Android Device

ES File Explorer (Download Here)

How to fix error -24

Firs things first, you need to have root access to your device and when i mean having root access to your device, i mean you should have rooted your device.

Wondering how you can root your android device? I already have some tutorials here on techyan blog which teaches how to root some specific device. Some of the tutorials include:

If your device isn’t specified above, Please make use of the search box below:



If you already have root access to your device, Launch your ES File Explorer and navigate to /data/data/ folder

Find the package name that is giving you the error -24. For example if it is Whatsapp, look for com.whatsapp folder or any other app name you are trying to install in the case of getting the error -24 from other apps.

Found that? Now delete the folder entirely from your Android device. Please Note if you do not have root access you may not be able to do this as it will always return “permission denied” error. Deleting data from apk and /or installing/uninstalling apk files requires special permission that only SuperUser (SU) can grant. Hence, it is mandatory that you root access to be able to delete this folder.

When done with that, Restart your device and try to install the app again, this time it should work and you can be able to install any app that previously gave you error -24 on Android.

If for any reason, the above method does not work for you in fixing the -24 error, the only option that will work will be to perform a factory reset of your device.

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