4 Best Sites You Can Meet And Date People Online For Free


Believe it or not, most people especially guys always wonder what websites they could meet with females and obviously date them online without paying a dime for service or sorts. Admit to the truth, am sure you’ve thought of that before right? *smiles.

Meeting and dating someone online is no easy task. Oh well, like the saying goes, ‘Nothing good comes easy‘ but hey, am not categorically saying dating someone online is a good thing though. However, it all depends on what you really want for yourself.

The debate on whether or not meeting and dating people online is good or not isn’t what we are actually discussing today, hence let’s not deviate but rather return back to the basic subject for this posts. Or isn’t that what you want?

sites to meet and date people online for free

Disclaimer: I am not promising anyone that using any of this sites below guarantees you are gonna find someone to date or meet people online. However, the sites I am highlighting below are just the sites I know meet ups and dating can be achieved. Of course, it all depends on you and the people you meet. Perhaps, you shouldn’t forget that approach determines response.

Some Sites You Can Meet And Date People Online For Free

1. Facebook: Yes, Facebook deserves the number one spot. As you probably might have heard, there are millions upon millions of people trooping into the social network on a daily basic which of course, gives better chances of you meeting someone or meeting people. However, I wouldn’t fail to admit that despite the increasing number of users on a daily basics, the social network isn’t as interesting as it used to be some couple of years back but nevertheless, you just might be lucky.

2. Eskimi: Eskimi has been around for a very long time now with an incredible number of active users. Although its been a while since I used the social network, loads of people still sign up on eskimi daily from different continents of the world. I know some couple of peeps who had their lucks on eskimi, you just might be lucky too.

3. Smiggle.mobi: I actually stumbled on smiggle sometime around 2010/2011 when I had enough time to spare online using my java mobile phone. I was opportune to make a couple of friends who I never actually got to meet one on one because I lost interest as time went by. I really do not have statistics of this chat network but considering the number of Google search that’s been queried regarding smiggle.mobi on a daily basic, the chat network still fills into the list and meeting peeps there is sure possible.

4. 2go: Oh yes. 2go chat messenger. This ought to be on the second or third position but it just came to my mind now and that’s why its holding the 4th spot. 2go has been around now for years and has gradually emerged as the most talked about and widely used chat application by teens and young. Based on my observations, teens tend to dominate the chat network. Around early 2013 or late 2012, 2go announced that their user base had crossed 10 million and more users are signing up everyday. I also have some peeps who have eventually met and dated peeps via the chat app network.

Summary: Like I said earlier, there are no guarantees that you will eventually meet and date someone of those listed social networks. It all depends on you and the person you eventually had a chat with. If you are a male, then you should be aware that males dominate virtually all social networks in search for females which obviously makes finding true love online more competitive. My advice to you? Be real and be self.

There you have it friend, my list of sites you could meet and date people online for absolutely free. Feel free to disclose other sites you know of using the comment form.

  1. Jonathan says

    Heeeeeeh! you make me remember smiggle today. I registered a long time ago but have not been there for a while. I have even forgotten the site until today.

    But what about http://www.match.com? Social network sites and apps are not the only ones.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Match is a good one too but based on my observations, i don’t think its as popular as the ones stated herein.

  2. Jonathan says

    Ladies on eskimi are now complaining of too much messages from men. In fact, I once signed up an account on eskimi and used a lady’s picture, I got too many messages than I could read in a day 24/7. I had to remove the pix; even after then guys keep sending messages once they see ‘female’ on your profile.
    Finally, I had to ignore and forget the account in order for the guys not to kill me with their messages.

  3. Yelutide says


    do people still date on social media?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Obviously yeahhhhhhhhhh! Although i haven’t done that in a very lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng while now. Guess social medias has been kinda boring lately compared to what it was those days.

    2. Jonathan says

      I wonder oooooo. Whether gals no dey dem backyard or street.
      But I think guys who do that are the shy ones like me who just don’t have the liver to face a gal

  4. eric says

    like to date females

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