MTN Xtra Time Allows You Borrow Credit From The MTN Network


For a while now, Airtel Nigeria has been the only Network telecommunication service in Nigeria offering its Users the ability to borrow airtime credit at emergency period and just some few days back, MTN Nigeria joined the train with the MTN Xtra time package.

According to MTN Nigeria, MTN Xtra Time service was designed to allow its customers borrow airtime when they are out of credit and pay later. The better part of the deal is that, the borrowed airtime can be used for virtually anything a normal recharge credit can be used for. Meaning, you can use the borrowed airtime in subscribing to a data plan, browsing on your phone, calls, SMS or any other value added service.

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Terms And Conditions?

MTN Xtra Time allows you borrow airtime

Just like Airtel who’s got terms and condition before been eligible for this service, MTN Nigeria also has theirs.

The service is only available to prepaid customers that have between 0-12 naira on their account balance, and meet an unspecified tenure on the network service and recharge frequently.

How To Get On This Service?

First, you do not need to be on any special plan to be able to use this service. Just dial *606# and follow the on screen instruction to see if you are eligible for the service.

Please Note: This service attracts a 10% charge of whatever amount you request for. What this entails is, if you borrow N200, you will be charged an extra N20 when paying back.

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