How To Use MTN Night Plan Of 4.5GB All Day


To me, MTN night plan package for browsing still seem has the cheapest data plan for android, iOS and PC devices.

Some couple of weeks back, I recall writing on a newly introduced glo package called ‘glo my phone‘. Its a plan which gives you 1.6GB for N2000 on the glo network but that’s nothing compared to what mtn is offering.

But MTN Only Gives 3GB For The MTN Night Plan Package

Oh yes, that’s absolutely correct especially if you haven’t used the MTN Night plan for a very long time. But if you have subscribed to this package recently then you would have noticed that the network gives an extra 1.5GB which can be used only during the day and even as at today been 21st of February 2014, They still give the free 1.5GB data. Summing the free 1.5GB to the basic 3GB, you have a total of 4.5GB for just N2500.


The free 1.5GB additional data can only be used during the day time. If you browse during the night time(9-6am), Data will also be deducted from the free GB given. Its only when that has been exhausted, you will be limited to browsing with the basic data at night which is 9am-6am.

How To Use The MTN Night Plan For Browsing All Day

Fortunately, the good news is that, you can actually use the basic data of the MTN Night Plan Package(3GB) during the day time when you have exhausted the free 1.5GB given.


use mtn night plan pakage all day

This is a personal experience and not copied from any site or any source hence, if you must copy this trick to another source or blog, please be kind enough to point back at this post as the source.

Now back to the matter. Before this can be established, you will need to have an android phone, android tablet or any device with hotspot functionality.

The reason why using a smartphone device is paramount is because, your PC or laptop cannot have its data turned on through out the day considering the power situation in the country hence using a smartphone device with good battery life should work best.

As you might have known, the closing time for the night plan period is 6am. Make sure you are connected to the data network before and after 6am and make sure you don’t disconnect your data network throughout the day. Doing that will keep your line active for browsing throughout the day on your device. If you need to go on PC at anytime, simply turn on the hotspot functionality of your device and connect your laptop PC via wireless network. Remember to never turn off your data connection on your device at anytime.


If at any point, the data service on your device goes off, you will not be able to browse during the day with the Night plan package till its 9am again.

Try not to have credit on the Sim otherwise your money will be deducted.

Summary: For best usage, I’d advice keeping your network data speed on 3G network because you will be disconnected if you try changing during the day time.

There you have it pal, my invented and confirmed trick to browsing throughout the day with the basic MTN night plan package. Happy surfing!!!

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  1. Jonathan says

    Nice tip man. Excellent discovery. But I still prefer my airtel and glo bis plan because it is almost impossible to keep my phone on 3G from night till the following day because I use my phone to browse at night till my battery is down and I charge again when I get to office the next day.

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