Whatsapp Servers Currently Down, Facebook’s New Acquisition Confirms Server Issues


Just around some couple of minutes back, i tried sending messages on whatsapp and it wasn’t going through. I tried viewing profile pictures of some of my contacts but i always got the error ‘No Profile Photo Set’. Initially, i thought that was an issue with just that particular contact. I tried viewing other contacts profile but get shown same error and that was when i knew something was wrong.

Initially i though the problem could be from my app hence all i needed to do was to delete, re-download and install whatsapp but then, i decided to do some findings first and yes, the problem was due to server issues from whatsapp end.

Whatsapp servers currently down

Whatsapp Via Their twitter handled announced that their servers were currently down and will be restored very soon. Their tweet reads thus: sorry we currently experiencing server issues. we hope to be back up and recovered shortly.



I cannot categorically say if this error could be due to the recent acquisition of whatsapp by Facebook which took place some days back. But whatever the reason may be, we just hope it is restored ASAP.


Whatsapp servers seems to be back on now as i am now able to view profile pictures of contacts and navigating back to their twitter account, they have it on saying: WhatsApp service has been restored. We are so sorry for the downtime…



Good to know that this has been resolved. So, whatsapp fans, you can go on chatting and all :-).

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