How To Add / Display Ad Dynamo Ads To Blogger And WordPress Blog


Bro, please help me on how to set up addynamo adds on my blog, they gave me two codes i don’t know which to copy, please help. Thanks in advance.

That was the question I got from one of this blog readers. Although I gave him a quick solution, I promised I was gonna make a comprehensive post on it which should aid other readers that might be having issues with adding or displaying ad dynamo ads code on their blogger or WordPress blog.


If you are just hearing about Ad-dynamo for the first time, You might be wondering what Ad-Dynamo is. Oh well, I’d be kind enough to give a quick introduction. This is obviously not the first time I have talked or written on addynamo hence it shouldn’t be new to frequent readers but nevertheless, AD-Dynamo is south African advertising company. Please do not get it twisted, been a south African advertising company doesn’t mean its only for South Africans. Nigerians are very much welcomed to the program.

add or display addynamo ads to blogger and wordpress blog

Unlike Google AdSense,, Chitika, info-links and some other ad networks that manually review sites before they are accepted into their program, Addynamo gives an automatic pass as long as your country is supported.

I have personally used addynamo before around 2012 and the earnings was soooooo low. It actually took me around 4 months if not more to make their payment threshold of N5000 and finally get paid even with relatively good traffic. Oh well, i immediately took off their ad code when i got my payment alert. I’d make so much more than that amount in a month with AdSense or

If you’d like to use addynamo on your blog, then be sure to follow the steps below:

Adding AD Dynamo Ads Code To Blogger Blog

First of you, you need to have an active addynamo account hence I’d presume you already have that.

==> Log into your account and navigate to Website Ads, Choose Websites, Choose to add new website and enter your website details as requested.
==>When Done inputing your website or blog details, Click On Save and Navigate to Ad Units,
==> Choose to Add New Unit
==> Input the required details, Select your preferred Ad size and customize it to fit to your site theme color as this should help in terms of CPC.
==> Click On Save
==> Navigate to Ad Units again and click on the Get Code button which is beneath the ad unit you just created.
==> Copy the first code and NOT the ssl code and navigate to your blogger blog
==> Under layout, select the area you’d like the ad to show, click Add a Gadget and select ‘HTML/Javascript
==> Paste the code and click on save.

Check your blog to see the Addynamo ads go live. If you are unable to see it, I’d advice you wait for a while as it could take some time for the newly created AD Unit to synchronize with Ad dynamo Servers. Google AdSense new ad unit do take like approximately 10 minutes to start displaying.

For WordPress Blog

==> After copying the addynamo code, navigate to your WordPress dashboard and highlight your mouse cursor on Appearance
==> Click On Widgets, Place your mouse cursor on the ‘Text‘ option and drag it to the position you’d like addynamo code to display on your blog.
==> Paste the ad code into the text box and save. Try refreshing your blog now or viewing another post. You should see the ads displayed.

That’s it pal. Is there anything more you’d like to know regarding adding or displaying addynamo ads code on blogger or WordPress blog?

  1. Jonathan says

    Samoooo! U are now baba agba. U don chop up big time.
    Maybe I should play around with addynamo till my blog qualifies for google adsense.

  2. Muhammad says

    keep it up Boss

  3. Henry obinna says

    thanks for your complete breakdown on how to place the code. that question was mine thanks again. tho I’ve removed their ad it doesn’t change.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      There’s a way you can actually block their ads from displaying. BTW, your blog seem to be scattered buddy, you might wanna arrange it.

  4. Tuham sanusi says

    I registered with them long ago but i dont know how to put their ad code on my blog. Thanks for the post but its just that i have given up on them

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