Best Internet Plans For PC, Android And Tablets March 2014


Writing on internet data plans suitable for android, PC and tablet devices using mtn, glo, etisalat, airtel and other network services in Nigeria is something I have always been doing and will continue to do.

Free browsing hasn’t been steady as it used to be back in the days hence the only source of browsing now in Nigeria is by cheap browsing and no longer free browsing(Oh well, something good might come out soon).

In other to aid those still looking out for which affordable data plan to go for considering their preferred network service, I’d like to give out my list of best data plans in Nigeria for the month of march 2014.

Best Internet Data Plan For PC, Android And Tablet Devices In March 2014

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this list is just based on my observations and perhaps usage. Everyone is subjected to their opinion and these data plans are subjected to change. This is just my best options as at today been 6th of March, 2014.

best internet plans for android, pc and tablets march 2014

MTN: If you are an MTN user and you are looking out for the best affordable data plan for your android, PC or tablet device using the MTN Nigeria network then the MTN Night plan is the cheapest network for you. Oh yes, its a night plan which is supposed to work only from 9pm to 6am but guess what, you are given an extra 1.5GB which you can use during the 24 hours of the day and even when that has been exhausted, you can still use the night plan during the day. How? Check out my post on how to Use MTN Night Plan During Day And Night Time.

Glo: I categorically haven’t used the new glo data plan called the ‘glo myphone‘ before but considering what it offers and what it cost, I think its the cheapest data plan for PC, android and tablet devices on the globacom network. Alternatively, you can use the glo bis plan on PC if you use a blackberry phone. My friend, Jonathan Ismaila, can explain better on that as that’s what he is currently using and says it still works as at yesterday.

Airtel: The cheapest data on the Airtel Network is the use of the airtel bis plan. This isn’t new as most Nigerians are aware of this. With just 1500, you’d get 2GB data space for a month and can be used on virtually all devices. More info? Do check out these posts:

Etisalat: Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I used etisalat in browsing. Although the network speed for browsing is really cool, it seem to be the most expensive in Nigeria. Hence, I wouldn’t know what to say about them neither will I recommend them to anyone.

Summary: I’d believe the points above were self explanatory. Considering the plans above, I think mtn is the cheapest as you get a total of 4.5GB for 2500 while on airtel, you’d get a total of 2GB for 1500. Like I stated earlier, everyone is entitled to their own opinion and these are just mine.

I’d like to hear from you also. What do you think is the cheapest and best internet data plan package in Nigeria for the month of march, 2014?

  1. Jonathan says

    I personally prefer the glo bis stuff because I still have a blackberry phone in my care. But if I am only left with my android, I will use the airtel bis.
    The reason is because I use 4gb in a month, so it is very easy for me to subscribe for airtel bis twice.
    The conditions of the trick on how to use the MTN night plan all day is impossible for me to follow.

  2. Jonathan says

    But seems like glo has stopped doubling the myphone package data allocation. Someone tried it out today at my recommendation but was given 850 mb.
    What saved me was the plan was better than the 350mb for #1000 she was doing before

  3. Adeshina Peter Oluwaseun says

    Great blog bro. I always love your posts. I'd give any of these a try. Kudos!

  4. Karol Lagana says

    Hi, just wanted to tell you, I loved this article. It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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