Now You Can Easily Change Your 2go Phone Number Online


Goodnews to all 2go users as you can now change or edit your 2go phone number used for registration. Like seriously, i don’t have an idea to when this change was made on the official 2go website but the good news is that, Yes changing 2go phone number used in registration now works.

Initially, i had discussed on the issue of editing 2go phone number, and i recall clearly stating that changing the phone number used in registration a 2go account wasn’t possible. I tender apologies for that, now you actually can.

Requirements For Been Able To Change 2go Phone Number Used In Registering An Account

Before you can proceed with this action, you will need to have some vital details in mind. This requirements are asked when you are asking for a mobile number change.

now you can edit or change 2go phone number online used in creating an accoun

The requirements are, Full Name, Username, First 3 letters of your password or pin, Current Mobile Number, New Mobile Number. The current number required actually means the number you had used in creating the account while the new number required is the number you want to change to.

How To Edit 2go Phone Number Online?

The process is actually simple. First of all, using your mobile browser, navigate to When fullly loaded, look at the address bar and you should automatically find some letter characters after the Example could be Now, at the end of those characters, simply add /change.php. In the case of the example above, after adding the /change.php letters, it should then be and go.

You should be given a form will you will be asked all the requirements i had stated above. When done filling all those, simply click on Proceed and you should be good to go.

There you have it pal. With the steps above, you can now edit or change your 2go phone number which you had initially used in creating an account. If you are still having issues editing your mobile number used in creating the 2go account, simply use the comment form in asking your questions and I’d be more than happy to help.

  1. Jonathan says

    2gi isn’t as interesting as it was. People now think it is meant for kids.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      I personally think same too. Teenagers tend to dominate the network.

  2. ben says

    plz hw can i confirm if the number change had been process..xpecti a reply soonest.thnks

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      There isn’t a way you can confirm if the change number is processed on 2go. However, you can try requesting for a password reset using the free trick outlined here and that should give some sense of confirmation. Cool?

  3. king j-regal says

    It is actuall giving me a reply that the number is not registered with 2go. Any help please

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Then you should check properly, perhaps the number isn’t registered. You can register the number with a new account

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