Google Adsense To Start Paying Nigerian Publishers Via Wire Transfer


During the early hours of today, I got a message from Google AdSense which was specifically talking about an upgrade to my payment method and other adjustments been made in regards to my account . It was said to be an upgrade and am pretty sure this is gonna make a lot of sense.

According to the mail received, I or Nigerians in general who are making money via Google AdSense program will be receiving their payments via wire transfer instead of the usual check means which seem more stressful and delaying after the upgrade is completed.

What is Wire Transfer?

Yeah, am pretty sure you are wondering what that means right? Oh well, its a medium or processing service of making payment or receiving payment directly from your account or into your account via direct transfer without having to undergo the hustle of checks or sorts. In the case of receiving payment via wire transfer from Google AdSense, you are not making payments but only receiving payments via transfer instead of checks.

google adsense to start paying Nigerian Publishers Via Wire Transfer

Will I be charged For This?

Google AdSense won’t be charging you a penny to use the wire transfer payment processing medium but your local bank might charge you. The last time I checked, GTBank do charge me $10 upon every wire transfer payment received or check cleared although I haven’t really been tracking that for a while now.

Is Wire Transfer Better Than Check Payment?

Obviously Yes!!! I have always been receiving my payment from via wire transfer and its been awesome compared to Google AdSense checks. With the introduction of wire transfer payment on Google AdSense, you won’t be charged a monthly fee of € 17 to receive your cheque if using express delivery as I was. You don’t need to wait till the 2nd, 3rd day or more of every month before a DHL official brings your check to your door-step. You don’t need to wait approximately one month before your check gets cleared and shows up in your USD (foreign) account.

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But with Wire Transfer, you’d get your payment made from the previous month right into your account which you can withdraw at any time which is kinda efficient and fast. Cool right?

Other Changes Regarding The Google AdSense Email Received

Other changes stated in the email received includes, earnings reporting in dollars. What this entails is, if you are currently using AdSense as a Nigerian, you should be aware that earnings are reported in euros and when payment are about been made, it is converted to dollars if you had selected dollars as your payment currency option. But with the upgrading change, earnings will be reported in dollars and no more euros.

Most publishers tend to think that this will result to low earnings as Euros has higher value than dollars in the exchange market but I don’t think same. I think publishers will continually be paid the CPC percentage as before based on what advertisers bid, only that it will be showing in dollars instead of euros. Hence, if you do make an average of €20 euros daily, with same number of traffic, clicks and RPM, you should be seeing a higher number since it will be in dollars. Do you understand that?

Secondly, Secured cheque (Express delivery) will be over written after the upgrade. What this entails is that, after the upgrade is been completed, payment will be via wire transfer or standard checks and no more secured or express delivery. This should be bad news for DHL but good news for we publishers.

Did you get same email notification? If yes, what’s your view on this?

  1. Jonathan says

    Oh my GOD! When will I get to use google adsense? I applied twice but my applications were turned down.

  2. Jonathan says

    But I think google wants to use that medium so as to cut cost of shipments

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Cost of shipment? They use a courier service which is DHL and we are been charged €17 monthly for this service. Hence, I don’t think they have any expense on shipment.

      1. Jonathan says


  3. Henry obinna says

    that’s good of them, so it’ll be easy for everyone including them, one day I’ll get to use this adsense but for now, i think i don’t have enough traffic.

  4. Michael Monday says

    This is indeed good news for us Bloggers. Thumbs up for Google

  5. Funmy Kemmy says

    Welcome development. I hope my blog will get approved someday.

  6. Michael Monday says

    Keeping working and praying hard Fummy. After 3 rejections, starting from Oct 2012, I just got an email from Google 3 hrs ago that my application has been fully approved. FEELS REALLY GOOD !!! Glory to God for this great breakthrough. Loads of luck to all the hopefuls out there 🙂

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Congratulations buddy. Remember to play safe and make safe 😉

      1. Michael Monday says

        Tanks a lot bro. God will walk with me along the way and all will go smoothly. Nice work you have going on here bro 🙂

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