What Is Hosted Google AdSense Account And What Is Hosted WordPress Blog?


Yesterday, while having a conversation with a client, he asked me a question saying ‘Is there any advantage in a blog been hosted and is mine hosted? I hear bloggers talk about host and all that but I don’t know what they are saying. Please is mine hosted?‘ I replied thus: ‘*Smiles, hosted Google AdSense account or hosted blog?‘ and he answered ‘both‘.

Now, I wouldn’t say the client is been naive. As a matter of fact, I kinda like this. He is eager to knowing what hosted Google AdSense account and hosted WordPress blog means and that’s why he asked me. Although the answers are right there on Google search but I made him understand what they meant and I wanna do same here.

Which should be start off with first, Hosted Google AdSense Account or Hosted WordPress blog? Am pretty sure you’d go with the AdSense since it has some money talks engrossed in it and I kinda trust people when it comes to talks involving money lol.

What Is Hosted Google AdSense Account?

Now, I am gonna be explaining this based on my understanding of the subject matter and Yes, I’d understand this pretty well. The hosted AdSense thingy has been in existence for a very long time now. Before now, AdSense accounts created via partner sites can be used on other sites that are within the AdSense policy but that was recently changed. Hence, you can put it that, Hosted Google AdSense accounts are accounts created via partner sites and they are limited in terms of use. These kinda account can be used only on other partnering sites but you can sure remove this restrictions on a later date with a blog or site which is inline with AdSense policies.

what is hosted google adsense account

Examples Of Google AdSense Partner Sites

These includes but not limited to;
Blogger etc.

These partner sites allows you create an AdSense account via its platform so you could monetize your content. AdSense created via any partner sites are termed ‘hosted adsense account‘ and can only be used in partners sites. Hope that was well understood?

Having said that, let’s head over to knowing what is hosted WordPress blog.

What Is Hosted WordPress Blog?

WordPress in general has two blogging platform, the free WordPress and the paid WordPress. The free WordPress is the one created via www.wordpress.com while the paid is via www.WordPress.org. Please don’t get me wrong. When I said paid WordPress, I don’t mean you will pay the WordPress team in other to use their blogging platform but you will need to get a hosting account from an hosting company in other to use the WordPress.org blogging platform and getting an host could cost you some penny.

what is hosted wordpress blog or self hosted blog

Since these WordPress blogs created using wordpress.org requires you having an hosting account, they are termed ‘Hosted WordPress blog‘. Another name for them is ‘self hosted WordPress Blog‘. Hence, whenever anyone is talking about a self hosted WordPress blog or hosted WordPress blog, he or she isn’t talking about the free WordPress, instead, they are referring to the premium WordPress which you installed via your web-hosting account.

Was this explanatory enough?

Hope from the explanations given above, you were able to understand what hosted Google AdSense Account means and what Hosted WordPress blog means? I am open to answering most questions related to this hence you can use the comment form in relying your questions.

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