quickteller confirms scam message sent via email

Re-Activate Debit / Credit Card Via QuickTeller – Scam Alert!!!

Yes, i wouldn’t deny to the fact that i am a subscriber to QuickTeller news and i have frequently been getting their news even though i haven’t personally been able to use their service for once due to the fact that my credit card is a VISA CARD and not a Verse Card or MasterCard hence mine isn’t accepted via their payment processor.

Just some couple of minutes back, i got an alert via my Yahoo mail account which came in the form of another QuickTeller newsletter but after some investigation, i presume it wasn’t really from Quickteller but instead, from scammers.

Details Of The Email

Sender Name: Quicktelller@Inter-switch.com (Yes, the Quickteller was spelt as Quicktelller instead of Quickteller)

Subject: self re-activation Notice

Message Body: Dear Valued Customer,

As Directed by CBN a Mandatory self re-activation needs to be initiated on your debit/credit card to enable you tranzact cashlessVISIT HERE and update your card information.Move message to inbox if found on spam folder to enable you click on the link.

NOTE: Failure to do this will lead to suspension of your Debit Card.

Quick-teller makes it easy to buy airtime, make payments, send and receive money.

Copyright © 2014 Inter-switch Limited.

Upon looking at the sender email, its actually from rocher@telefonica.net and usually, mails I’d receive from Quick-teller do comes from noreply@interswitchng.com hence, the difference in both emails are very clear.

Secondly, upon clicking on the hyperlink ‘Click Here‘, it redirects to http://teller.ucoz.de/Credit_Card_Activation.htm which obviously isn’t the interswitch website. Details on that address requests for your Card Issuing Bank, Card Type, Card No, Enter 3-digit number printed at the back of your card card, Exp. Date, Enter 4-digit Pin Number, Email Address, Email Password, Date Of Birth, Mobile Number, Card Name.

Just curious, why would a service online be asking for your email address and the password to the email address? Now, doing more analysis…… I didn’t fill any details into the box which was said to be compulsory and i clicked on Re-Activate, and guess what………..it says Thank you, a customer support will contact you shortly which then automatically redirects to the Quickteller website.

Summary: This is obviously a scam attempt to retrying debit card and credit card details of users and thus robbing them of the amount in this card. I strongly advice you ignore such mails and please try re-sharing this post in other to inform others so they don’t get scammed.

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