Re-Activate Debit / Credit Card Via QuickTeller – Scam Alert!!!


Yes, i wouldn’t deny to the fact that i am a subscriber to QuickTeller news and i have frequently been getting their news even though i haven’t personally been able to use their service for once due to the fact that my credit card is a VISA CARD and not a Verse Card or MasterCard hence mine isn’t accepted via their payment processor.

Just some couple of minutes back, i got an alert via my Yahoo mail account which came in the form of another QuickTeller newsletter but after some investigation, i presume it wasn’t really from Quickteller but instead, from scammers.

Details Of The Email

Sender Name: (Yes, the Quickteller was spelt as Quicktelller instead of Quickteller)

Subject: self re-activation Notice

Message Body: Dear Valued Customer,

As Directed by CBN a Mandatory self re-activation needs to be initiated on your debit/credit card to enable you tranzact cashlessVISIT HERE and update your card information.Move message to inbox if found on spam folder to enable you click on the link.

NOTE: Failure to do this will lead to suspension of your Debit Card.

Quick-teller makes it easy to buy airtime, make payments, send and receive money.

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Upon looking at the sender email, its actually from and usually, mails I’d receive from Quick-teller do comes from hence, the difference in both emails are very clear.

Secondly, upon clicking on the hyperlink ‘Click Here‘, it redirects to which obviously isn’t the interswitch website. Details on that address requests for your Card Issuing Bank, Card Type, Card No, Enter 3-digit number printed at the back of your card card, Exp. Date, Enter 4-digit Pin Number, Email Address, Email Password, Date Of Birth, Mobile Number, Card Name.

Just curious, why would a service online be asking for your email address and the password to the email address? Now, doing more analysis…… I didn’t fill any details into the box which was said to be compulsory and i clicked on Re-Activate, and guess what……… says Thank you, a customer support will contact you shortly which then automatically redirects to the Quickteller website.

Summary: This is obviously a scam attempt to retrying debit card and credit card details of users and thus robbing them of the amount in this card. I strongly advice you ignore such mails and please try re-sharing this post in other to inform others so they don’t get scammed.

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  1. Jonathan says

    these scammers are REALLY devising various means that one needs to be at 100% alert.

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