Nigerians Love MobileVOIP for its Cheap and Affordable Calling Apps


In the next few years from now, Central Africa’s economic growth is expected to climb by 5.3 percent; this is in comparison to 2013’s growth of 2.6 percent, and Nigeria is leading the way. It is what is known as one of the so called “MINT” countries (Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey) who are all expecting huge growth rates in their economies in the next few years. They come on the heels of the “BRIC” countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China.)

These countries have quite a few things in common. First, they all have a relatively young population, they are all in geographically desirable locations and all produce commodities the world needs. They are expected to reach double digit growth in the next few years, similar to China’s rapid growth and Nigeria is poised to surpass South Africa as the largest African economy soon.

However, Nigeria has already surpassed South Africa in regards to the number of people who have Internet access; taking the number one position in the continent with a penetration rate of 32.9% or 45 million users. This is an increase of over 26% since 2009. The country is expected to increase that rate fivefold over 2012’s rate by the year 2017. This is largely due to the $25 million dollar investment Nigeria has made in the telecom industry over the past decade.

Since Nigeria has made large strides in its telecom sector, large smartphone manufacturers have taken notice and are now vying to control the market. Android is by the far the largest supplier in Nigeria, but Chinese smartphone makers like Huawei, ZTE and Tecno, as well as Korea’s Samsung are also jockeying for position. Blackberry is a player here too with it’s fairly cheap data packages and Apple with its exclusive iPhone.

MobileVOIP for Cheap and Affordable Calling Apps

MobileVOIP was already a large player on the international calls market, offering applications for Android, Blackberry, iOS, Windows and Symbian phones. They did notice a trend by African users towards using their apps to make cheap calls and many of these users were from Nigeria. MobileVOIP introduced its new service called which is geared to the Nigerian market and for those calling Nigeria.

nairacalls for cheap calls in Nigeria

The service offers the cheapest rates possible, at 2.4 cents per minute for calls to any Nigerian mobile. Another feature known as AirTime transfer sets them above the competition.

MobileVOIP has now added Asha app to their lineup, which covers 90% of Nigerian mobile subscribers, including those who still use the feature phones.
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  1. Jonathan says

    I never understand this concept of mobileevoip o. Is it an application or a network?

  2. angela says

    Dear Jonathan, MobileVOIP is the official mobile app for all Dellmont Voip services. You can install the app, register an account with one of the supported brands (choosing a brand depends on which destination you’d like to call. Some sites like offer an overview of the best rates for international calls).

    Dellmont voip services use different carriers to offer the best calling rates and quality. Dellmont is not a network operator but send their data (voice) over IP. Hence the Voice over IP name. More on VOIP here:

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    Nice article bro..
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