How To Root Nokia X, XL and X+ Android Phones Easily


Some few months back, i announced the release of Nokia X series android phones which includes the Nokia X, X+ and XL. I even gave a review of the Nokia X+ android phone specification and price which you can find here.

For those currently using the Nokia X android phones, where you able to find Google Play store app in your device? I presume No! Do you know why…………? Don’t worry, i will tell.

These android phones run a highly customized version of android operating system and thus making way for more of Microsoft products and services usage like Bing search, OneDrive (formerly known as Sky Drive),  Outlook, skype amongst others instead of play store or Google Services.

Having known this, it doesn’t mean the Nokia X series android devices cannot be categorized as android devices. They actually are! After all, they run on android 4.1 jellybean OS. I kinda understand that the next question on your mind who be; Then how do these phone users download apps? Oh well, Nokia integrated its own Nokia app store in this device and also allows sideloading of apps which to me could be kinda technical for those who don’t understand how sideloading is done or too lazy to undergo such process when apps ought to be downloaded directly from the play store.

how to root nokia x, xl and x+ android phones

The good news is, you can still have play store and other google services on your Nokia X, XL and X+ android smartphones. How? Rooting! Yes, when you root these phones, you get root access to it with which you can then install and use play store and other Google products and services.

How To Root Nokia X, X+ and XL Android Phones Easily

There are different way to which these devices can be rooted but am gonna be sticking to what seem to be the easiest and simplest way.


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Disclaimer: Please be aware that rooting your Nokia X, X+ or XL Android Phone will void its warranty(if yours comes with one) and you will be solely held responsible for your actions. If that is cool with you then let’s move on with the rooting process but if it’s not, then I’d advice you don’t continue.


==> On your Nokia X, XL or X android smartphone, download the Framaroot.apk file Here

==> Use the built-in Astro file manager, and browse to the folder where you downloaded Framaroot.apk, then tap on its icon to install

==> Upon installation, start Framaroot. There are two root exploits to choose from – “Aragorn” and “Gandalf” – Choose “Gandalf

==> Now reboot your Nokia X, Nokia X+, or Nokia XL, and the device should be successfully rooted. You can now go ahead and download Play store app, install custom roms and more with your rooted Nokia X android smartphone.

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    I think another way out for those who can’t take the risk of rooting is to download other app store like 1mobile market etc.

    Application sharing can easily be done through appshare, flashshare, xender etc.

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