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Back then around 2013, i used to use mobilepress on this blog until sometime late last year when i moved over to carrington mobile theme basically because the thumbnail feature on mobilepress had stopped working. Instead of it showing thumbnail(Featured images), it’d rather show some sorta X sign which disorganized the look and i wasn’t cool with it. For some few weeks now, i have been more serious with customizing and coding themes. Although i customized my carrington mobile theme to look beautiful and more like the web version of this blog, i still liked and missed mobilepress but the featured post thumbnail always seem to discourage me but guess what, i still needed to do all i could to see if it could be fixed and yes i fixed it.

fixing thumbnail on mobilepress theme plugin

Solution To Mobilepress Themes Not Showing Thumbnails On Posts

Solution To Mobilepress Themes Not Showing Thumbnails

If you are experiencing same issue with your mobilepress, I’d like to work you through fixing this problem like i did in my case. First of all, i need you to confirm if you have enabled thumbnail from the mobilepress plugin settings on your dashboard.

==> Navigate to Mobilepress > Settings > Tick the box beside Show Post Thumbnails

Having done that, try visiting your blog again on mobile. If it shows the post featured post thumbnails on mobile then you are good to go but if it shows an X sign instead, then lets proceed.

The Gospel truth is, w3Total cache plugin is the cause of this and in fixing this, you needed to deactivate and delete the w3total cache plugin. Deleting the plugin isn’t just all to be done as the plugin most have written files to your blog directory. Next thing would be deleting all w3Total plugin files.

==>Log into your control panel and navigate to public_html > wp-content > Delete the Advanced-cache.php file, cache folder and all files with the w3total name.

When done with that, refresh your blog on mobile and you should see the mobilepress featured post thumbnails working again.

  1. dammy16 says

    Nice tutorial.. Having this kind problem on my blog.. I am using skyline mobile theme.. But think dis will solve the issue.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Follow the tutorial squarely pal. It should help.

  2. Jameztech Haxor II says

    Mine is still not showing

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