GLO Biggy Pack – Get Double Of The Airtime Recharged / Glo Bounce


Some couple of minutes back, I fixed up a screenshot of the notification message I had received last night from glo when I recharged. The notification message obviously had some errors which I wanted my bbm contacts to spot out just for fun. Yes it went pretty well as expected. However, that gave some of my contacts the avenue to ask me some nice questions about glo packages. I just couldn’t repeat samething to everyone of them and that’s why I decided to come up with this post for everyone to see.

glo biggy plan and glo bounce package

What Is Glo Biggy Pack Package?

Whether or not the glo biggy pack package is a new plan from the globacom company or not is what I can’t really ascertain. However, its got some mouth watering offers you would sure like.

The Glo Biggy Plan gives you double+ of your credit recharge. Does that sound confusing? Alright, lemme break it down.

For example, you recharge N500 airtime, you could receive a total of N1660 worth of airtime which you can use to call all networks.

Sounds amazing isn’t it? Am very sure YES! *smiles

How To Option In To Glo Biggy Pack Plan

From your glo sim, just dial *170*3# and you are good to go.


Now, I kinda understand that most people prefer getting data to getting airtime. If that seem to be your case, then the glo bounce should come in handy for you.

The Glo Bounce package gives you 30MB each time you re-charge N200 or above.

How To Option In To Glo Bounce Package

To migrate to the glo Bounce Plan, simply dial *170*4#. However, please be aware that the free 30MB given only applied to a N200 airtime and above credit recharge. Recharging N100 twice won’t earn you the free MB.

How To Check Data Bundle balance On Glo Network

Although I had written comprehensively on this some years back, you can access the post here to find out how to check your data bundle balance on glo(sorry for the inconvenience *winks).

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