May 2014 : Using GLO BIS On PC, Android, iPad etc


Writing on how to use glo bis on pc , android or other devices isn’t something new on this blog. However, I just want to make an update to using glo blackberry internet service on PC, android, iPad and other devices.

A recent comment on this blog triggered me to writing this. Old methods to using glo bis seem not to be working anymore and I just want to update that.

This method has been working for months now hence don’t let the may 2014 included in the title deceive you. Its just to make the post specific to this month only. However, frequent monthly updates will be made to this post to whether or not the steps still works and if new steps are released, i will update it on this same post. Hence, I would advice you bookmark this page.

May 2014 Step To Using GLO BIS on PC, Android, iPad etc

Personally, the only confirmed method to making this work is using a Blackberry 10 phone.

Examples of blackberry 10 devices are blackberry Z30, Z10, Q10, Q5 and others which I might not have heard of.

If you have any of these devices then you are good to go.

may 2014 use glo bis on pc computer and android

Steps On How To Use GLO BIS ON Computer and More

==> On your bb10 phone and glo sim inserted in it, subscribe to glo bis monthly plan by sending ‘comonth‘ as a text message to 777.
==> After successful activation, navigate to settings > Network and Connection > Mobile Hotspot > Turn it on. I would advice you set a password to prevent authorized usage of your connection and data.
==> When done with that, go to your PC, android, iPad or whatever device you wanna connect to the internet and turn its WiFi connection On.
==> Find your bb10 phone’s wireless network and connect.
==> Successfully connected right? Now you are good to go with browsing on your laptop or other device using glo bis.

P.S: A friend and frequent follower of this blog, Jonathan Ismaila, said this about the subject matter;

Glo bis works on PC when you connect a bb phone to your PC via USB cable and using the blackberry desktop software alongside. It also works directly on modem. The APN to use on both is: BUT I am sorry the glo bis doesn’t work through hotspot.

Stated above is how Jonathan says he uses the bis subscription on his device. He also added that the hotspot feature doesn’t work. Hey! Don’t get confused, he is only talking of lower bb version hotspot(OS 7) and not the bb10. The glo bis works on BB10 and connecting via hotspot to laptop and android and as a matter of fact, that’s the process i am currently using in publishing this post.

  1. Jonathan says

    I love this glo bis so much. It is the cheapest data plan. Though it has confined me to using a bb phone and neglect my ‘sweet’ tecno android and my once favourite airtel bis for a long time.

  2. Emmanuel says

    It was quite unfortunate Glo couldn’t capture the market in Ghana as expected!

  3. Macdonald says

    nice one bro but please is glo bis still working on pc

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Yes. If using a blackberry 10 phone, just share your internet connection to your PC via hotspot and flex. That’s actually what am using now.

  4. Hot spot does not work

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