June 2014 Free Browsing Cheat On Airtel (PC and Android) Confirmed


Good news to all airtel users who the network might have frustrated with less data given for same price as you can repay now with the new airtel free browsing cheat for June 2014 which has been confirmed working. I have personally confirmed this cheat working on my laptop this morning hence I do not expect any complains of ‘Samuel, this airtel free browsing cheat is not working‘ or sorts. The only complain I expect to hear is ‘Its slow when browsing‘. Yes its slow because ordinarily, I do not have a good airtel network here for browsing. More so, i used a PDProxy trial account. However, browsing at night with it would make more sense.

Just before I go on to posting the cheat, I want to apologize for not posting here on techyan blog for almost a month now. Yes, a lot of fans and followers have been calling and pinging to inquire why I haven’t. I really apologize and I hope I can be forgiven with this airtel free browsing cheats.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat For June 2014

As at this morning when posting this, I have only confirmed the cheat working on my laptop computer. I am yet to try it on my android. Hence, I am giving guarantee for PC users, it should also work on android devices, Although, I am not giving any guarantees just yet.

Airtel June 2014 Free browsing Cheat For PC

I confirmed this cheat using PD-Proxy Software, hence that’s what I am going to be using here. However, I am waiting for report from Jonathan(A top follower of this blog) to confirm it working on tweakwareVPN as he also sells vouchers for tweakware.


Just before we go ahead to the steps, I just need to be sure that you’ve got some things in place.

A modem
An Airtel Sim that’s been used in browsing before
PD-ProxyVPN – Can be downloaded Here

Got all those? Then let’s move on;

==> Start your PD-Proxy VPN software on your PC, navigate to settings > Advanced Settings > proto options
==> Configure UDP Server Port to be 53.
==> Navigate to Parent Proxy, tick the Enable Parent Proxy, enter IP as, port as 80.
==> When done, click Save & Go back.
==> Navigate back to main menu, choose Demo Server 1 to use the trial account and select UDP.
==> Enter your PD-Proxy Username and password.

Now, launch your modem interface with your modem correctly inserted into your PC via USB Port. Under your modem internet settings, set up with the following parameters:
Name: Airtel or TechYan
Dial number: *98#
APN: internet.ng.zain.com worked for me but you could use internet.ng.celtel.com
Username and password: internet

Save, navigate back to main menu on modem and click on connect. After successful connection, navigate back to the PDProxy VPN software and click on connect.

When connected, launch your Firefox browser, Google chrome browser and start browsing for free. Remember to set your browser network setting to ‘No Proxy‘.

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat On Android For June 2014

For this, you could either use your-freedom application or droidvpn. You can download both apps from Google Play Store otherwise known as Android Market.

For android 4.0+ Users, you are good to downloading this apps, but for android 2.3 users, you will need to root your android phone before you can use droidVPN.

If using DroidVPN, You need to have an account username and password already registered. You can visit www.droidvpn.com to achieve that.


Launch your droidVPN, navigate to advanced settings, select UDP or ICMP as protocol, input 443 in ICMP and 53 in UDP port.

Configure your android internet settings with the following parameters;

Name: Airtel or TechYan
Dial number: *98#
APN: internet.ng.zain.com worked for me but you could use internet.ng.celtel.com
Username and password: internet
Port: 443.

Navigate back to DroidVPN and click on Connect.

Please Note: This cheat isn’t expected to last for So long. As a matter of fact, I cannot ascertain if this cheat will last till July 2014 hence its advisable you start rocking it ASAP before airtel blocks it.

  1. Henry obinna says

    nice one but I still have subscription on my Airtel sim, so I don’t want them to zap it and at the end block the cheat.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Lol but you can as well save the data on that sim, borrow a sim from a friend and utilize that one. That should save cost don’t you think?

  2. Mattjoe says

    Haha.. Cool guy, i will give it a try.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      You should ASAP. It blazes better at night time.

  3. henry obinna says

    yea, I’ll even buy one, when I have the time.

  4. Mattjoe says

    Adeniyi Samuel pls i will be needing ur help.. (i want become a webmaster). Pls drop me ur fbk username.

  5. Mattjoe says

    Bros u no drop the settings for FREEDOM application, u only dropped for Droidvpn

  6. Mattjoe says

    Samuel u posted settings for only droidvpn, but wat abt dat of FREEDOM?

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      Sorry for the delay pal. Will be posting that soon. Please stay tuned.

  7. Sudheer Yadav says


  8. Mattjoe says

    Pls do something fast abt it, cos am only familiar with YourFreedom and not dat Droidvpn. Tnx, we’re waiting

  9. ADEMU JOB says


    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      It works better during the night time. You can always switch between demo server 1 or 2 if using the trial account. If using premium, you can use any premium server.

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