Flying Cars – The Future Automobile Technology Is Here


You know that awkward moment when you are stuck in traffic and all you could think or wish was only if your car could just fly above all the cars stuck in same traffic and land at the very front. Or perhaps, just press one button and the car flies up straight to the direction you point it and just lend you at your home or destination. Yes I’d think that way most times. Too many times than I can count. I know you might be thinking am been obsessed with carton movies but my obsession probably might just be a reality sooner than you know it.

A Slovakian Startup called AeroMobile has created a prototype of a flying car called AeroMobil 3.0. It’s basically the third prototype to be created after loads of research and experiments been conducted over the last 25 years.

flying cars coming to your doorstep

Judging from the picture above, it looks like a mini plane right? (Well, I must admit this looks finer). The flying car was created by stefan Klein who happens to also be the founder of the department of transport design at the academy of fine arts in Slovakia.

The AeroMobile Chief Executive, Juraj Vaculik said in a press conference “we believe personal transportation is about to change forever”. The project as begin process as far back as 1989 and didn’t get much ahead until 2010.

Personally, this is obviously going to be a big deal. All your dreams of having to fly on other cars might be coming to realization sooner than you think (The cost might make you wish you never thought about it lol). In a bid to reduce traffic congestion, the European union has supported research in the MyCopter project.

Although the AeroMobile Vehicle will be commercially available, clarification needed to be granted first. Clarification is to be determined by the laws of other countries and sloviakia is in the process of granting.

Now, just before you start imagining what the flying car is going to be working on, it runs on the regular motor gas (PMS) and can fly as fast as 124 miles per hour. Based on findings so far, it can only convey two people, however, am pretty sure that as time goes by, more allocations will be made available. The flying vehicle needs a length of 650 feet(200 meters) and about 164 feet (50 meters) to land. Let’s watch as this flying vehicle unfolds.

  1. Jonathan says

    This is not a car jare. This is a plane.

    1. Adeniyi Samuel says

      LOL Its a car in a plane manner.

  2. Uche Francis says

    If you introduce this to Nigeria, dont be surprised when the masts starts coming down, a hunter start ordering them lol i love this samuel

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