AndroVid – The Right Video Editing App for You


Need to edit videos on your device? AndroVid is the way out for you. This app is considered to be not just a video editor but a lot more like a toolbox. It is simple and easy to make use of and can be used to do a lot of things. Its way of operation is fairly self-explanatory. Also presented in this app is an option where you can convert a video into an MP3 as well as adding a single music track into a clip. It has the option that enables you to rotate videos and convert them to desired size, quality or format.

This is an ideal tool for trimming videos (this is where you select a small segment of a video and then do away with the rest), it allows you to split videos into separate pieces of two(this command allows you select a point in the video in which it will be spliced into separate pieces of two). It can also grab images that are single-framed from videos(Grabbing is where you pick a particular single frame of the video in order to save it as a still image).

The AndroVid also provides an option where you can add text onto your video if you need to- there’s a tool specifically for that. It allows a space where you type in your text and then determine where it is to appear on the screen using your finger. You can also get to adjust the color and size of the text.

The AndroVid is ideal app for those who need something that goes a step further than most basic toolbox but also at the same time not at the level of a full-fledged video editing suite. It is sure to meet your needs with its superfluous functionality with little or no hassle.

  1. Wale says

    where to download the app. any link

  2. Jonathan says

    @wale, I guess that will be from playstore.

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