Apple Awarded Patent for Hybrid VR Headset


Apple has now been awarded a patent for theirapple patent virtual reality headset that can use an Ipod or iPhone as a display. Reports have it that the US patent and Trademark Office awards this company with patent number 8,957,835 for a “head-mounted display apparatus for retaining a portable electronic device with display.”

In describing the patent, Apple this head-mounted display system is to enable users the ability to couple and decouple portable electronic devices with a head-mounted device in order for the two devices to now act as one unit. This head-mounted device and portable like an Iphone can be made to communicate with one another. And according to the patent, each of the device’s features and services can also be extended in order to increase, enhance and eliminate possible redundant functions between both devices.

While there are other similar hybrid VR headset, one of the advantage this has over them all is its mobility as observed by an analyst in the digital consumer practice, Eric Smith. He says that “It gets rid of the bulky game console or PC that one-piece headsets have to hook up to.”

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