Chinese Version Of Google YouTube Channel for Developers Launched


Google, in line with its objecives of opening up its android platform has just launched Chinese-language YouTube channel (Google Youtube Channel) for chinese speaking countries. China is one country that in recent times made it difficult for sites operated in the US (sites like Google, Facebook, twittwer, Youtube etc) access from within its borders as a result of its Great Firewall intrne filter. The only time the access is possible is with the use of a virtual private network and other circumvention methods.

This has left Google doubtlessly missing out on revenue as a result of this limitation. Since this channel is on YouTube, it will mean that it gets disrupted by the censorship system of China. But with the world being a global village, developers that are based in the country can be able to use it in distributing and selling apps to the millions of Android devices in the rest of the world. For viewer to access it they will need a stable VPN.

This U.S. firm has taken a huge step in introducing an Android platform where chinese developers can get to make money. This move is primarily aimed at making it a lot easier for China developers in China to learn more about Google and its services and technology around the web, the cloud and mobile. This new channel will go a long way helping to increase access to resources and information.

This is one useful resource – google youtube channel is necessary for developers, as it covers a range of topics related to Android, Android Wear and other apps, general developments and information, and talking points from events like the Google Developer and also Conference. The English-language version of the Developer Channel has over 650,000 subscribers and millions of views while this newly launched channelled within th short space of time has been able to claim over 45 subscribers.

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