Internet TV Vs Cable TV

cable vs internet

One communication medium that is widely used for transmitting sounds and images is the TV. The word TV as we all know it is a short for television and is sometimes used to refer to a device through which these sounds and images are transmitted. At some other times, it is used to refer to a program or transmission.

Cable TV

The cable TV on one hand is a broadcasting system of television in which the transmission is only made to those who are subscribed to it – this is done by paying a particular service fee. This transmission involved the use of coaxial cable distribution lines which must be available on the utility poles or lines. These cables now bring in the TV signals into buildings where they are needed.

Internet TV

The internet TV on the other hand also known as online TV involves transmission over the internet. This is to say that we can watch our usual TV programs and other video content via internet. This is basically made possible by video streaming technology. This techno logy has over the years gained popularity as a result of the invention of other similar devices and smart phones. With this recent technology you don’t even have to depend on cable service to watch your favorite shows. Sometimes it even goes further to give you additional information about the movies which normally won’t be available except online.

An advantage the internet TV has over the cable TV is having lots of stations available; some of which are not be available on the cable TV. Recently there is over 5000 television stations online around the world being watched. All you require is your laptop/ PC or even just a smart phone. Thanks to the internet technology we can now keep up with your TV programs and shows without having to pay any fees monthly.

This TV channels include News TV, Music TV, Sport TV, Cartoons TV, Entertainment TV Movies TV, Games TV, Funny TV, Celebrities TV, Fashion TV, Education TV, and the list just goes on. There is no doubt that is more over the internet than can be found on the cable. So many websites are now offering programs produced independently for specific interests of people.

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