Microsoft Joins With Mozilla in Bid for Fast Web Apps



Ten years ago, this partnership would have considered unthinkable. However, over the years and then with Mozilla’s asm.js technology existence, they have been able to introduce lots of performance-critical software like graphically intense games to the web. As a result Microsoft has now strongly endorsed the Mozilla’ technology. This technology was born out of the need to attract lots of software to the web. The asm.js technology is intended to facilitate and accelerate various types of software on the web, such as has a character that explores a 3D environment.

For Microsoft, their priority has been to encourage several programmers in writing as much softwares as they can for Windows. But just recently – on Wednesday to be precise, announcement was made on its intention to now build asm.js into Chakara, being a core of its component in internet explorer and Spartan browsers for Windows 10.

Chakara is the engine that Microsoft uses for running its programs written in JavaScript which is the programming language of the web.

“Asm.js is a clear step towards enabling near-native performance for the Web platform, which is why we’re excited to bring it to Chakra in an upcoming release,” This is according to Guarav Seth, the principal manager of and Ed Maurer, principal group software engineering manager of the Microsoft’s Chakra team.

This move is to reflect two vital changes at the company. First, it’s to lure in more web developers; becoming more serious about supporting Web technologies and standards to better compete with the likes of Firefox, Chrome and Safari. And then secondly- according to Chief Executive Satya Nadella, to embrace technologies notwithstanding the possibility of them undermining the power of its Windows business.

In line with supporting the asm.js technology, Microsoft has also introduced a version of its Office software for Apple’s iOS operating system (like the opening up of Office document storage to rival cloud storage providers like Box. Since 1990s, Microsoft has been dominating the browser world with its internet explorer, but as over the years lost it to Firefox and they intend to take it back-hence this recent move.

Mozilla is highly pleased with this move of Microsoft’s. And according to Mozilla asm.js developer, Luke Wagner, “We at Mozilla are very excited for IE to join Firefox in providing predictable, top-tier performance on asm.js code and from my discussions with the Chakra team, I expect this will be the case.”

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