Classifieds: What, How, Why?


Classifieds is a kind of advertising, which brings together numerous adverts of items belonging to different categories gathering them in one place. Regardless of where you find classifieds, it is a place offering everything at once. Just remember those newspapers consisting completely of adverts, which were popular just several years ago. Today, classifieds have changed their sphere of functioning and moved to the web space. So now there exist special websites formed solely with classifieds. If you want to check what advantages they provide, open – it is the best one.

jiji online classified site

Using Jiji is really easy. All you need is to register or sign in and post an ad or start searching for what you need. Feel yourself comfortable, like you are at an ordinary market. Classifieds really remind a market in its digital version. There are a lot of people selling things to other people. There are departments in form of categories and market stalls in form of pages. Those differences are not very significant, unlike pricing. Newspapers require commissions for every printed line, and sellers have to pay rent for a stall – that is how it used to work. However, classifieds allow posting adverts for free, and people from all over the country don’t miss such lucky chance.

logging into

Okay, after you register at the website, open a category you are interested in and form a perfect list of offers. For this you need to click on several tags and apply several filters. Then open several adverts, compare them, choose what you like the most and contact a seller. That is how Jiji works and how you use it.

how to use online classified website

And speaking about why Jiji is the best choice, everything is obvious. It is the best service in the country. It is classifieds No.1 with 5 new adverts every minute, 520,000 active offers and 10 million monthly visitors. Jiji is convenient, cheap, stylish, and caring. It is your next favorite shopping spot.

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