Fix MobilePress Plugin Themes Not Showing Thumbnail

Back then around 2013, i used to use mobilepress on this blog until sometime late last year when i moved over to carrington mobile theme basically because the thumbnail feature on mobilepress had stopped working. Instead of it showing thumbnail(Featured images), it'd rather show some sorta X sign … [Read more...]

What Is Hosted Google AdSense Account And What Is Hosted WordPress Blog?

Yesterday, while having a conversation with a client, he asked me a question saying 'Is there any advantage in a blog been hosted and is mine hosted? I hear bloggers talk about host and all that but I don't know what they are saying. Please is mine hosted?' I replied thus: '*Smiles, hosted Google … [Read more...]

Google Adsense To Start Paying Nigerian Publishers Via Wire Transfer

During the early hours of today, I got a message from Google AdSense which was specifically talking about an upgrade to my payment method and other adjustments been made in regards to my account . It was said to be an upgrade and am pretty sure this is gonna make a lot of sense. According to the … [Read more...]

Giveaway #3 : Download My Blogging Journey Guide EBook Free

Its been a very long time since I posted giveaways on this blog. I totally apologize and this time, I have got my own product to give to you as a giveaway. Some couple of days back, precisely on the 28th of last month been February. I posted a photo of my payment which is usually in dollars on … [Read more...]

Best 10+ Tools For Monitoring Websites / Blogs Downtime And Uptime

As you probably know, virtually every web hosting company promises 99.9% server up-time but 90% of these web hosting companies do not keep up to this promise. Quite alright, sometimes these server down-times could be beyond their control but when there is are down times every now and then, then it … [Read more...]

How To Add / Display Ad Dynamo Ads To Blogger And WordPress Blog

Bro, please help me on how to set up addynamo adds on my blog, they gave me two codes i don't know which to copy, please help. Thanks in advance. That was the question I got from one of this blog readers. Although I gave him a quick solution, I promised I was gonna make a comprehensive post on it … [Read more...]

[How To] Add Related Posts To WordPress Without Plugin

The use of plugins on a WordPress blog in achieving virtually anything is what makes WordPress blogging platform more fun as a CMS. But as the saying goes "Too much of everything is bad". The use of too many plugins can have a negative impact on a blog. When I say it could affect a blog, it could … [Read more...]

MaxCDN – Reasons Why You Might Wanna Use It For Your WordPress blog

In other to improve your website speed, you probably might have heard its necessary to use a cdn. Even through this isn't totally correct, it still have some sense of truth in it. For newbies who do not know what CDNs are, I'd like to give a quick head start. CDN in full means Content Delivery … [Read more...]

Getting Massive Traffic From StumbleUpon To Blog (Sure Secret)

Most peeps have always asked 'Is it possible to get massive traffic from Stumbleupon?' The simple answer is Yes. During my early years of blogging, its always been my dream to be able to drive massive traffic to my blog and during my subsequent research concerning the subject matters, it was … [Read more...]