How To Add / Display Ad Dynamo Ads To Blogger And WordPress Blog

Bro, please help me on how to set up addynamo adds on my blog, they gave me two codes i don't know which to copy, please help. Thanks in advance. That was the question I got from one of this blog readers. Although I gave him a quick solution, I promised I was gonna make a comprehensive post on it … [Read more...]

How To Install And Use Blogger Themes In ZIP Format On Blogspot

During my early days in blogging and using the blogspot platform, searching for quality blogger themes and ending up with nice blogger themes in ZIP format has been a major problem for me hence I had to be specific in looking for xml format themes by simple including .xml in the search results which … [Read more...]

Adding Twitter Follow Box Widget To Blogspot And WordPress Blog

If you are looking out to promoting your twitter page on your blog using a bigger widget then the Twitter Follow Box widget will do just that for you as it is similar with that of the facebook like box and using this widget is sure to give you more twitter followers if properly placed in an angle … [Read more...]

Adding Or Displaying Google Adsense In Blogger/Blogspot Blog Mobile Version

Following the introduction of Google's own blogger mobile version, webmasters and blogspot blog owners have always wondered how they could add or make google adsense display on the mobile version of their blog in other to monetize and make money from mobile users visiting their blog and on this post … [Read more...]

3 Reasons Why I Moved From Blogger/Blogspot To WordPress PlatForm

Back then in 2011 when I first ventured into blogging and created my first blog, I created my blog using the blogspot/blogger platform and the experience has been good until around September 2011 when I switched over to a custom domain because I wanted my blog to be more professional hence using a … [Read more...]

Blogger Custom Domain : Let Me Help You Redirect Your Blogger(Blogspot) Blog To Your Custom Domain Almost Free

You would recall that sometimes last week, i wrote a post talking basically on the blogger/blogspot domain switching function been disabled on the blogger platform due to maintenance been carried out by the blogger team. More so, i added that i will be posting an update here when this problem has … [Read more...]

Blogspot Blog: Maintenance In Progress – Domain Switching Disabled, Solution

A friend of mine who happens to be the owner of cynamix blog, recently talked me to the issue he was having with his new blogspot / blogger blog while trying to change / switch his domain to his custom .com domain. He said he tried switching to his custom domain via his blogger … [Read more...]