Google Adsense To Start Paying Nigerian Publishers Via Wire Transfer

During the early hours of today, I got a message from Google AdSense which was specifically talking about an upgrade to my payment method and other adjustments been made in regards to my account . It was said to be an upgrade and am pretty sure this is gonna make a lot of sense. According to the … [Read more...]

Best Google Adsense Ad Sizes And Placements To Improve CTR

Following my years of been a blogger, I have been able to understand some vital things about blogging and making money blogging. One of these is the fact that, the basic reason to why there are numerous blogs on the internet is the mindset to making money. Oh yes, most people ventured into the … [Read more...]

Adding Google Adsense Ads To Carrington Mobile Theme

Two days ago, a blogger and a friend asked me how I was able to add and make Google Adsense Ads show on Carrington Mobile which is the current mobile theme I am using for this blog, I promised to teach him but only via a detailed post in other to benefit other readers. Carrington Mobile theme is … [Read more...]

Paying Attention To Google Adsense ScoreCard, A Necessity Or Not?

Some where around June 2013, Google Adsense introduced to its dashboard, what is termed as Google Adsense Scorecard. The Google Adsense scorecard is visibly located in the down right side of the front page in Google Adsense dashboard which is labeled as Scorecard and clearly stats Revenue … [Read more...]

Google Adsense Crawler Error Issues – Effects And How To Fix

Too many times I have often come across bloggers and webmasters who complain of Google Adsense crawler errors been detected on their site and been stated on Google Adsense Dashboard. First of all, for the benefit of those who might not fully understand what I mean by Google Adsense crawl error, I … [Read more...]

Just Received Your First Google Adsense Cheque? Here Is What You Do Next

I want to believe that i obviously do not need to go about explaining what Google Adsense is here as i will assume you already know what it is and what it entails, right? Following a comments on this blog, a reader recently asked me what he was going to do next as he just received his first Google … [Read more...]

How To Contact Google Adsense Support Team Directly By Email

Good news to Google Adsense Publishers, are you aware that you can now contact the Google Adsense support team directly by Email and get a response personally? Well yes you can and it works but there are some certain criteria. To be candid, am quite impressed with the new development to … [Read more...]

Adding Or Displaying Google Adsense In Blogger/Blogspot Blog Mobile Version

Following the introduction of Google's own blogger mobile version, webmasters and blogspot blog owners have always wondered how they could add or make google adsense display on the mobile version of their blog in other to monetize and make money from mobile users visiting their blog and on this post … [Read more...]

Top Paying Google Adsense Keywords For 2013 To Increase CPC Earnings

Am pretty sure that you might have read a lot of information on the internet regarding increasing Google adsense cpc thus increasing earnings and you might have probably been told that one of the key tip is to write on high paying keywords which will yield high cpc per click. Yes that's correct … [Read more...]