MTN NG Introduces N10 Recharge Card Option

Hehehehe(Laughing in french). Sorry I had to start off by laughing but having the thought of N10 recharge card been produced by MTN is just hilarious. MTN Nigeria says as from Friday(been today), subscribers will have the opportunity to recharge their phones with as low as N10 (Ten … [Read more...]

June/July 2014 Airtel Free Browsing Cheat On Android Using Your-Freedom

Some couple of days back, i disclosed an Airtel free browsing cheat for both PC and Android for the month of June 2014 which at initial stage, was confirmed working by me. The response was cool and most people dropped by to say thanks via bbm, facebook and sorts. However, Although i clearly stated … [Read more...]

June 2014 Free Browsing Cheat On Airtel (PC and Android) Confirmed

Good news to all airtel users who the network might have frustrated with less data given for same price as you can repay now with the new airtel free browsing cheat for June 2014 which has been confirmed working. I have personally confirmed this cheat working on my laptop this morning hence I do not … [Read more...]

May 2014 : Using GLO BIS On PC, Android, iPad etc

Writing on how to use glo bis on pc , android or other devices isn't something new on this blog. However, I just want to make an update to using glo blackberry internet service on PC, android, iPad and other devices. A recent comment on this blog triggered me to writing this. Old methods to using … [Read more...]

GLO Biggy Pack – Get Double Of The Airtime Recharged / Glo Bounce

Some couple of minutes back, I fixed up a screenshot of the notification message I had received last night from glo when I recharged. The notification message obviously had some errors which I wanted my bbm contacts to spot out just for fun. Yes it went pretty well as expected. However, that gave … [Read more...]

Best Internet Plans For PC, Android And Tablets March 2014

Writing on internet data plans suitable for android, PC and tablet devices using mtn, glo, etisalat, airtel and other network services in Nigeria is something I have always been doing and will continue to do. Free browsing hasn't been steady as it used to be back in the days hence the only source … [Read more...]

How To Use MTN Night Plan Of 4.5GB All Day

To me, MTN night plan package for browsing still seem has the cheapest data plan for android, iOS and PC devices. Some couple of weeks back, I recall writing on a newly introduced glo package called 'glo my phone'. Its a plan which gives you 1.6GB for N2000 on the glo network but that's nothing … [Read more...]

MTN Xtra Time Allows You Borrow Credit From The MTN Network

For a while now, Airtel Nigeria has been the only Network telecommunication service in Nigeria offering its Users the ability to borrow airtime credit at emergency period and just some few days back, MTN Nigeria joined the train with the MTN Xtra time package. According to MTN Nigeria, MTN Xtra … [Read more...]

Airtel Nigeria Cheap Opera Mini Data Subscription For Android/Smart Phones

If you are an Airtel Nigeria users or an intending airtel user looking out for ways on how to minimize data usage on your android or smartphone device then, you've got a good news. Airtel Nigeria in a pace to reducing cost of data subscriptions, have introduced cheap plans for opera mini users on … [Read more...]

Glo Magic SIM – Browse Free Using Your Glo SIM 2013

Initially, I had decided to no longer post stuffs related to free browsing on this blog due to some reasons. I had resolved to using my Facebook fan page for those stuffs but then I realize that not everyone who is frequent on this blog actually likes my fan page hence they tend to miss those … [Read more...]