AndroVid – The Right Video Editing App for You

Need to edit videos on your device? AndroVid is the way out for you. This app is considered to be not just a video editor but a lot more like a toolbox. It is simple and easy to make use of and can be used to do a lot of things. Its way of operation is fairly self-explanatory. Also presented in this … [Read more...]

Free Android Lollipop Quick Start Guide Posted On Google Play Books

The news on Android 5.0 Lollipop isn't new as the Lollipop happens to be the latest OS version for android. Although the OS isn't so much in circulation yet, most nexus phones have been able to get the OS. We are hoping the OS will be in circulation sooner than we know it just like the case of … [Read more...]

Flying Cars – The Future Automobile Technology Is Here

You know that awkward moment when you are stuck in traffic and all you could think or wish was only if your car could just fly above all the cars stuck in same traffic and land at the very front. Or perhaps, just press one button and the car flies up straight to the direction you point it and just … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launched In Nigeria

If you have been waiting patiently to when Samsung was going to release the Galaxy Note 4 device in Nigeria, put up a smile on your face as the device has been officially launched in Nigeria. The Samsung galaxy note 4 was launched on the 24th October, 2014 in Ikeja. The formal launch of the … [Read more...]

TECNO Mobile Phones Now Comes With BBM App Pre-installed

The Crave for BBM app isn't new at least not in our part of the economy. Some couple of months back, Blackberry messenger app was released to android and iOS device thus giving room for android phones and iPhone devices to engage in the app usage. Some couple of weeks back, i discussed on some … [Read more...] – Huge Amount Of Traffic Crashed Our Website

Some few days back, I shared a news related to's black friday and cyber monday sales, which was tagged 'Fall Yakata Christmas sales'. The Christmas sale actually involved a huge reduction in prices of goods on the konga website and as such, Nigerians were not willing to miss the … [Read more...]


Most Nigerian Music lovers should know iROKING except for foreign music lovers like me, iRoking might be a new word but it isn't for me as the name has been around for a long time now and gradually grown to be an house hold name. Well, let's head to the news proper. iRoking which happens to be … [Read more...]

CyanogenMod Installer Voluntarily Taken Off Google Play Store

If you have been a regular follower of this blog alongside its tech news update, then you might recall me stating that the leading custom rom, CyanogenMod installer has been made official and made available for android users on google play store. Around yesterday, i got an alert courtesy of the … [Read more...]

FIFA Unleases Own App For Latest FIFA, Football/Soccer News

A good thing going on for the sport and soccer lovers has FIFA has officially released its own app with which you can stay updated with the latest football / soccer news and more fascinating games. I know you probably would be thinking how much this app would possibly cost but the good thing is, … [Read more...]

HTC Announces The Gold HTC One

One of the leading smartphone producing company HTC, has announced a new "golden" version of the HTC One to go alongside other colour versions that like silver, black, red and blue versions. As a mainstream color option, this version isn't plated with the precious metal — rather the aluminum chassis … [Read more...]