The New Blackberry Classic (Q20) Review

Just after having the unique Blackberry Passport, the Blackberry company has followed it up with the "Blackberry Classic" which is popularly known as Blackberry Q20. This is yet another premium Smart phone that operates on blackberry 10.3.1 OS. Released in December and is available on the Nigerian … [Read more...]

Lenovo IdeaTab S6000 Tablet Specs & Current Price In Nigeria

If you are looking for a tablet with a 10in size and a very long lasting battery amongst other amazing features, the Lenovo Ideatab s6000 tablet could come in handy for you. The device runs on android version 4.2.2 which is the jellybean version. Talking about it's processor, it runs on Quad-core … [Read more...]

InnJoo Note Now Available In Nigeria – Current Price In Nigeria

To all those who have been waiting patiently for the Innjoo Note to be available in Nigeria, wait no more as the device is now finally available. Few days back, it was announced that the device will be available on Jumia Nigeria within the next couple of days and it now finally is. The InnJoo … [Read more...]

LG L40 Specs and Price in Nigeria – 15000 Android Phone

Low budget is no longer a reason not to own an android smartphone as there are phones with which you can purchase with just 15000 naira and LG L40 happens to be one of those. If you are not the type who wants to use a china brand phone but still want to go with the well known brands like Samsung, … [Read more...]

MTN NG To Introduce Most Affordable Android SmartPhone (MTN Smart Mini S620)

Good news for all mobile and smartphone lovers who has always wished for an android phone below the price of N10000 naira as MTN Nigeria will be introducing the most affordable android smartphone. Now, you might be wondering, 'How much is this Most Affordable Android SmartPhone?' Trust me when i say … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Z30 Full Specifications And Current Price in Nigeria

The blackberry Z30 based on information reaching me, is the latest device from blackberry INC running the BB10 OS although its OS is 10.2, its all categorized under BB10. The Blackberry Z30 comes with a 5.0 inches display alongside 768 x 1280 resolution. It features the combination of 1.7GHz … [Read more...]

List of Infinix Android Phones, Their Prices and Specs in Nigeria

When it comes to cheap and relatively sophisticated android phones in Nigeria, Tecno android phones isn't just the only android smartphones In Nigeria with relatively cheap prices. Infinix still rocks. Infinix is another mobile producing company which obviously seem to be making waves in Nigeria. … [Read more...]

4 Best Sites You Can Meet And Date People Online For Free

Believe it or not, most people especially guys always wonder what websites they could meet with females and obviously date them online without paying a dime for service or sorts. Admit to the truth, am sure you've thought of that before right? *smiles. Meeting and dating someone online is no easy … [Read more...]

Diamond Bank Internet Banking Email Scam – Alert!

Hello, please do not allow the title of this post scare you. Yeah I know its Diamond Bank Internet Banking Email Scam and its not as you probably have viewed it in your mind. This post is more like an alert to alert all diamond bank internet banking service users against scammers or fraudsters … [Read more...]

Best Sites To Buy Used Cars Online In Nigeria

Somewhere around the late days of august, I bought a fairly used car online. I never mentioned that on this blog until now and I really cannot say for sure the basic reason to why i kept mute about it all these while. Well, i guess some things are better kept than said or probably I wasn't happy … [Read more...]