4 Best Sites You Can Meet And Date People Online For Free

Believe it or not, most people especially guys always wonder what websites they could meet with females and obviously date them online without paying a dime for service or sorts. Admit to the truth, am sure you've thought of that before right? *smiles. Meeting and dating someone online is no easy … [Read more...]

Diamond Bank Internet Banking Email Scam – Alert!

Hello, please do not allow the title of this post scare you. Yeah I know its Diamond Bank Internet Banking Email Scam and its not as you probably have viewed it in your mind. This post is more like an alert to alert all diamond bank internet banking service users against scammers or fraudsters … [Read more...]

Best Sites To Buy Used Cars Online In Nigeria

Somewhere around the late days of august, I bought a fairly used car online. I never mentioned that on this blog until now and I really cannot say for sure the basic reason to why i kept mute about it all these while. Well, i guess some things are better kept than said or probably I wasn't happy … [Read more...]

QuickTeller : Pay Bills, Buy Recharge Cards, Transfer Funds Online Easily

Have you ever wondered or imagined if it was possible for you to easily pay bills like DSTV online, buy recharge cards for any network from any denomination online or simply transfer funds from your bank account to another account online? If the answer to this simple question is yes then seek no … [Read more...]

Car Dealings On Google Trader, Be Careful (Scam Alert)

Yesterday I decided to play around knowing the prices of tokunbo or used cars and I decided to check on Google Trader Nigeria. There was loads of cars at cheap prices but guess what, they seemed as scams. One of the cars which drew my attention was a Honda Civil which was going for around 300,000 … [Read more...]

Tecno-Mobile.com : Official Tecno Phones Website For Apps, Games Downloads

A couple of times I have always stumbled on people asking 'what is the official website of tecno phones for downloading apps, games and more'? and in most cases, no one would have an answer to this question and this has prompt me to bring up this post. Based on my reviews with the release of new … [Read more...]

Some List Of Domain Name Extensions And Their Countries

Like i have often stated on most of my blog posts, domain names can best be described as your home address. Its more like your address on the internet. Everyone knows the most popular domain extension to be .com and the com stands for commercial, which means domain names with the extension .com are … [Read more...]

How To Find Nigeria Zip / Postal codes For Cities, Streets And Villages

Personally for me, I do think Zip / postal Code means same thing, Oh well, I possibly cannot know every thing therefore please do not quote me as I stand to be corrected. However, A couple of times, people have one way or the other asked me, 'Samuel, please what's the Zip code for Nigeria?', 'What … [Read more...]

QuickTweet – Manage Multiple Twitter Accounts Using QuickTweet Chrome Extension

Twitter is obviously one of the biggest social networking sites after Facebook and there are possibilities of operating or manage multiple twitter accounts for one reason or the other like for bloggers who tend to create different twitter accounts for different blogs etc. A lot of Twitter clients … [Read more...]