How To Make – Use Whatsapp Free Forever

Have you ever wondered if it was possible you could use whatsapp messenger free forever without having to pay the required $0.99 after one year of usage? Or you are wondering if you could extend your whatsapp app usage to 10 years or perhaps, lifetime? Oh yes, it could be done and you're gonna learn … [Read more...]

How To Root Nokia X, XL and X+ Android Phones Easily

Some few months back, i announced the release of Nokia X series android phones which includes the Nokia X, X+ and XL. I even gave a review of the Nokia X+ android phone specification and price which you can find here. For those currently using the Nokia X android phones, where you able to find … [Read more...]

Now You Can Easily Change Your 2go Phone Number Online

Goodnews to all 2go users as you can now change or edit your 2go phone number used for registration. Like seriously, i don't have an idea to when this change was made on the official 2go website but the good news is that, Yes changing 2go phone number used in registration now works. Initially, i … [Read more...]

How To Minimize / Reduce Data Consumption On Android Phones And Tablets

Hello Brother, how can one reduce d rate of data consumer on android phone? That was the question a friend on Facebook asked me while i was playing around the social network. Initially, i told him┬áDisable auto-updating of apps, also close apps u aren't using, but it seemed more like he wasn't … [Read more...]

How To Fix -24 Error While Installing Apps On Android Devices

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Spotflux VPN : Best Free VPN For Android Phones And Tablets

If you are looking out for the best free vpn software you could use on your android phone or tablet then spotflux should fit in for you but that totally depends on what you need a vpn for. If you are used to using Airtel network in surfing the internet most times on your android device or PC, … [Read more...]

How to Disable Last Seen TimeStamp in Whatsapp For Android Devices

When someone sends a message via whatsapp messenger, unlike BBM, it isn't easy to tell whether or not the message has been read, the only way one can tell if the receiver has read the message is via the Last Seen Timestamp displayed beneath the person's name when the chat is viewed. Most people are … [Read more...] : Search, Download Latest Local And Foreign Music Videos On

When it comes to searching and downloading the latest local and foreign music videos, i usually navigate to and yes, i could actually download any song in both audio(MP3) or Video(3GP or MP4) also known as is one of the top websites for searching and … [Read more...]

Wapday.Com : Download Games, Themes, Music, Videos Themes and More

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Wapdam : Download Music, Videos, Films, Themes, Wallpapers and More

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