How To Make – Use Whatsapp Free Forever

Have you ever wondered if it was possible you could use whatsapp messenger free forever without having to pay the required $0.99 after one year of usage? Or you are wondering if you could extend your whatsapp app usage to 10 years or perhaps, lifetime? Oh yes, it could be done and you're gonna learn … [Read more...]

Now You Can Easily Change Your 2go Phone Number Online

Goodnews to all 2go users as you can now change or edit your 2go phone number used for registration. Like seriously, i don't have an idea to when this change was made on the official 2go website but the good news is that, Yes changing 2go phone number used in registration now works. Initially, i … [Read more...]

How to Disable Last Seen TimeStamp in Whatsapp For Android Devices

When someone sends a message via whatsapp messenger, unlike BBM, it isn't easy to tell whether or not the message has been read, the only way one can tell if the receiver has read the message is via the Last Seen Timestamp displayed beneath the person's name when the chat is viewed. Most people are … [Read more...]

YouWave Android PC Emulator – An Alternative To BlueStack

Some time ago, i had written on Bluestack as an emulator used in running android apps on PC. In that tutorial, i actually talked basically on how to install and use whatsapp on PC using bluestack. Consequently, i understood the fact that most people are having difficult times in installing this … [Read more...]

2go Account Hacked – Possible Reasons And Prevention

Hello Sam, please my 2go account was hacked, how do I get it back? Hello Samuel, My Girlfriend's 2go account was hacked and she has lost the sim she used in creating the account, how do I get the account back? All these questions and more I do get most times when I log into my account to chat up … [Read more...]

How To Downgrade BBM From Version 8 To Version 7

A latest version termed as the BBM version 8 was introduced some couple of weeks back which introduced some features like improved UI interface, BBM 8 channels and other touches. Most users after upgrading to the latest version, seem to complain of some issues like frequent hanging, slowness in … [Read more...]

Possible Solutions To Installing And Using BBM On Android 2.3 Gingerbread

Following the release of bbm across other platform(android and iOS), it has come to my notice that people are searching on how they can install and use BBM on android 2.3 Gingerbread. I have also often read people requesting for tutorials on how they could use blackberry messenger on their … [Read more...]

How To Change 2go Phone Number Used For Registration?

Too many times I have often received emails and comments on other 2go archives asking how to change 2go phone number which they had used for registration. The frequent call on this has actually made me come up with this post to answer these question once and for all. Initially i already have a post … [Read more...]

How To Disable SMS Messages In Google Hangouts

Yesterday, i announced that Google rolled out Hangouts version 2.0 on play store and it comes with sms support which makes it possible for you to use the hangouts interface in sending, receiving and reading sms instead of your preloaded sms functionality app. At first, when you launch the app for … [Read more...]