YouWave Android PC Emulator – An Alternative To BlueStack

Some time ago, i had written on Bluestack as an emulator used in running android apps on PC. In that tutorial, i actually talked basically on how to install and use whatsapp on PC using bluestack. Consequently, i understood the fact that most people are having difficult times in installing this … [Read more...]

[How To] Remove Error While Installing BlueStacks On Windows

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TUTORIAL: Run iOS Apps On Windows PC Using IPadian

People have often wondered if it was possible to run iOS apps on windows PC and the simple answer is yes and that is via the use of iPadian. As we might know, Bluestacks and youwave are android emulators which allows you to run android apps on PC as as such, iOS users are not left out. First, … [Read more...]

How To Secure Or Set Password Protection On Windows 7 Home Edition

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How To Disable Or Remove Ads On HotSpot Shield VPN Completely

If you are a user of hotspot shield VPN then you obviously know that the VPN is a free service which clones your internet IP for secure browsing by changing your internet protocol popularly known as IP and as such, the service displays ads which I think they make earnings from but then, the ad … [Read more...]

How I Registered / Activated Avast AntiVirus For LifeTime Using License Key For Free

Yesterday I actually got an HP Mini Laptop from a friend and why exploring the laptop system I realized that the antivirus had expired, he had been using avast antivirus which seemed to had long expired and am pretty sure he wasn't aware that using an expired antivirus definitely does not protect … [Read more...]

Fix Firefox Error “This Connection Is Untrusted” On WebSite Pages

Am pretty sure if you are a frequent user of firefox browser like I am then at one point in time, you might have probably come across an error that's reads "This Connection Is Untrusted" and it feels like you are stock. This error is common with secure sites like Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and other … [Read more...]

How To View Mobile Version Of A Website On Computer And FireFox Browser

Recently, I have been doing some tweaking and designs to client blogs especially the mobile version and I have always wondered how I could view the mobile version of the website directly on my Computer to see how well am doing with my formatting. Oh Yeah, why can't I use a phone right? Well, I do … [Read more...]

2 Reasons Why Upgrading From Windows XP service Pack 2 To SP 3 Is Important

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How Installing / Uninstalling Boast PC Performance Softwares Can Affect Your PC

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