[Tutorial] Unlock Etisalat MF190, MF180 ZTE Modem

Following my previous posts where I had written tutorials related to unlocking different modems like etisalat MF631, Glo Netpro and a host of others. Readers have always asked how they could unlock their etisalat MF190 modem and MF180 modem and I'd like to do justice to that via this post. First … [Read more...]

Huawei E173 Data Card Modem Does Not Show Unlock Code Space, Use DC – Unlocker

Following one of my previous post where I had shared a step-by-step guild on how I unlocked airtel huawei E173u-2 modem, I realized that some of the readers complained of the fact that they could not find any unlock code space where they could type the master code to unlock the modem, okay let me … [Read more...]

Unlocking Etisalat ZTE MF631 HSUPA USB Modem

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Unlocking Airtel Huawei E173u USB Data Card Modem Online Without Software

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Tips To Unlocking GLO BOLT And MTN Huawei E303 USB Modems

As you might have realised, the E303 modems are the latest kind of modems in vogue now and unlocking these modems are quite demanding unlike glo E173 modems and other earlier versions but on this post, i will be showing you exclusively on how to unlock the new glo bolt modems and MTN Huawei E303 … [Read more...]

How To Unlock GLO NETPRO ZTE MF110 3G USB Modem For Free

As you might know, most network 3G USB Modems are specifically tailored to their specific network Sim and that means, its impossible to use another network sim in it without unlocking it first unless you are using a universal modem which doesn't have specific Sim to be used with it. GLO NETPRO 3G … [Read more...]