My Experience With Using Mobile Touch Screen Phones

touch screen touch phone

Its Understandable that everyone's got opinions in relation to the above subject matter(Touch Screen Phones) but am totally talking here based on my own personal experience with using Touch Screen Phones. Somehow, i have been opportune to engage … [Continue reading]

Blogger Custom Domain : Let Me Help You Redirect Your Blogger(Blogspot) Blog To Your Custom Domain Almost Free

redirect blogspot domain to custom domain

You would recall that sometimes last week, i wrote a post talking basically on the blogger/blogspot domain switching function been disabled on the blogger platform due to maintenance been carried out by the blogger team. More so, i added that i will … [Continue reading]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Smart Phone Has Got A China Produce Of It?

samsung galexy s3 phone

Yes, it might sound shocking but its the truth, there is actually a china produce of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Smart Phone which looks exactly like the real samsung galaxy phone in terms of outward appearance and unless you are the type that … [Continue reading]

How To Get Free MTN 500 Naira Credit With Two(2) Naira

MTN Xtra Time allows you borrow airtime

Well, its actually not a news that you can get 500 naira free promo credit from MTN Nigeria network to call morning numbers under 24 hours if you spend up to your daily target which will be clearly stated on your mtn sim. Don't Know About This? … [Continue reading]

Blogspot Blog: Maintenance In Progress – Domain Switching Disabled, Solution

blogger/blogspot domain

A friend of mine who happens to be the owner of cynamix blog, recently talked me to the issue he was having with his new blogspot / blogger blog while trying to change / switch his domain to his custom .com domain. He said he tried … [Continue reading]

Interested In Learning How To Make Money Online Via Blogging? Read This

make money online blogging

There are obviously different reason why people surf the internet, you agree? Some surf the internet for fun and chats, some for meeting people online, while some for the purpose of making money online and guess what, i used to surf online basically … [Continue reading]

Is 2012/2013 West African Examinations(WAEC) Results Out?

2012 waec results

Alright, for a couple of times now, people have kept asking if the 2012/2013 WAEC Results for May/June are out, the truth is YES! Waec results for may/june 2012 are out and are available on the waec result checking website. This news isn't news as … [Continue reading]

MTN AfriNolly – What It’s All About

mtn afrinolly

You might have been hearing some adverts here and there taking about MTN AfriNolly and wondered what its all about, well i too always wondered what it is. Am not a fan of MTN BIS Plans instead i go for airtel but recently i decided to try out MTN … [Continue reading]

Adding Google Adsense And Addynamo Ads To Mobilepress

add advertising to mobilepress

Too many times people have always asked how they could insert Google Adsense Mobile ads and Ad-dynamo ads to mobilepress on their WordPress blog but the steps are actually simple, just follow me here and am sure you would get it done. I will only … [Continue reading]